Social Media brings organizing victory at Pearson Airport!

Social Media brings organizing victory at Pearson Airport!

Toronto, ON – The IAM resorted to social media – texting and Face Book – to organize 35 drivers employed by Sky Café at Toronto’s Pearson International Airport.

“We couldn’t access these workers on the job site to conduct a traditional campaign so we opted for social media which has the added bonus that the company couldn’t interfere on private communication,” explained IAM Transportation District Lodge 140 Organizer Sam Jabbar. “We communicated with these individuals about all aspects of the organizing process answering all of their questions and this method was well received. At the end of the day, these new members made an informed choice and we very pleased to welcome them into the IAM family.

The employer was anything but happy trying everything within its power to stop the campaign. “They called in workers and part time staff on their day, offering three hours of overtime, if they came in to vote no,” explained Jabbar. When that failed, the employer challenged the jurisdiction of the certification.

“The employer challenged our certification application suggesting it was a provincial certification not federal,” said Jabbar. “Our legal counsel applied for both at the same time, there were two votes. The employer was asking for a provincial certification and we won that by a margin of acceptance was 80 per cent.”

The 35 drivers deliver prepared meals from the Sky Café warehouse and kitchen to a variety of airlines at Pearson.

The IAM is the largest union at Pearson and the largest in the Canadian Air Transport Sector.




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Sam Jabbar – IAM Transportation District Lodge 140 Organizer


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