National Women’s Committee – Challenges of Supporting Members During the Pandemic

National Women's Committee - Challenges of Supporting Members During the Pandemic

The National Women’s Committee has been meeting on a regular basis to discuss the effect on the pandemic on women, and workers of colour across the country.

At our last meeting, participants raised the stresses accompanied with heavy workloads, managing issues and emotions of union members as we continue to work in uncertain circumstances.

A member of the National Women’s Group will make a presentation on a Mental Health Toolkit and make the information available for distribution.

We hope you’ll join us for this important discussion; it may become a resource for you or members you’re assisting.

January 29,2021 @ 13:00 EST
Phone Dial-in
+1.866.599.3622 (Canada (Toll Free))
+1.438.788.3021 (Canada (Montreal, French))

Meeting ID: 208 794 922

The pandemic has resulted in heavy workloads for all those who work to represent and assist our members. The workload and pressures have grown, with our frontline at risk of burnout. We are presenting a mental health toolkit that you or your members may find useful. Join us for a discussion on January 29th at 13:00 EST.