SIGN OUR PETITION – IAM Still Determined in Opposing Privatizing Canadian Airports

SIGN OUR PETITION - IAM Still Determined in Opposing Privatizing Canadian Airports

I recently came across an article about Pearson Airport’s hope for ownership change. The article reveals a hope by the Greater Toronto Airports Authority (GTAA) management to privatize part of the airport’s operations.

Since the Emerson Report was released by the Federal Government in June 2016, the IAM has been very clear in our opposition to the privatization of Canadian airports and have provided a position paper to the Government which can be read on our website.


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Many articles have been written on Canadian airports’ views on privatization and most seem to oppose full-out privatization for various reasons. Toronto’s Pearson Airport, Canada’s largest airport, had been silent on their position until the Toronto Star article appeared. The GTAA’s confidential report to the Government finally discloses their interest in limited privatization, but with strings attached.

The concerns raised by the IAM, stakeholders, including the majority of airport authorities and large Canadian airlines, all have common ground.

Privatizing airports to reap a financial one-time benefit for Ottawa is short-sighted and does not lead a low-cost operation, no matter what the GTAA says. Furthermore, it does not address the many problems with the present system.

There are many issues to deal with and, until the federal Liberal Government is ready to sit down seriously and carefully listen to these stakeholders, they will be letting down the aviation sector and impacting hundreds of thousands of workers and millions of passengers.

One thing is certain; the IAM will continue to voice its opposition to this Conservative (oops, Liberal) Privatization agenda!

Carlos DaCosta
Airline Coordinator
IAMAW Canada
30 March, 2017