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IAMAW – IWD Statement 2010

Women around the globe would do well to mark Monday, March 8, 2010, International Women’s Day as a day not just for reflection but of Action. Women have worked hard to be recognized and to have their voices heard. There are those that say we have equality and Women’s issues no longer exist. Its true women make up 50% of the workforce in Canada. Along with this new statistic comes

Canadian and European Air Transport Unions Cooperate to Protect Aviation (by Louis Erlichman and Carlos DaCosta)

On December 18, 2009, Canada and the European Union (EU) signed an “Open Skies” air transport Agreement, which provides a framework for progressively deregulating air travel between Canada and Europe. What Does the Agreement Say? Like other “free trade” deals, this Agreement says that the ideal system is based on “competition among airlines in the marketplace with minimum government interference and regulation”.   While the Agreement makes reference to impacts on

Winning Photo Breaks the Ice for Obama

Ottawa, On – IAMAW Local Lodge 2323 member Jim Stewart’s photo of IAMAW members de-icing Air Force One during President Barack Obama’s first visit to Canada in February, was the first place winner in the 2009 IAM Photography Contest. Jim took the picture of IAMAW Local Lodge 2413 members Nigel George (left) and Al Johnston (right) as they applied de-icing fluid to Air Force One prior to its departure from

Maritime Machinists convention 2009

Moncton, NB – The Maritime Council of Machinists elected a new executive board for the upcoming term at the recent two-day MCM Conference held in Moncton, New Brunswick. Canadian GVP Dave Ritchie swears in the new slate of executive officers for the Maritime Council of Machinists in Moncton New Brunswick The new MCM Executive Board (from left to right) back row – Andrew MacFarlane – VP Nova Scotia, Mike Scully

Help Prevent Cervical Cancer

The Pearl of Wisdom campaign supports programs to prevent cervical cancer. Almost every case of cervical cancer can be prevented through programs using the Pap test, the HPV test, and the HPV vaccine. But many women around the world don’t know about or have access to these tools. As a result, 500,000 women develop cervical cancer and almost 300,000 die of cervical cancer – every year. The Pearl of Wisdom

Resist the HST (Ontatio only)

Next summer (2010) the Ontario Government is set to put into force its new harmonized GST/PST sales tax which will apply a 13% sales tax to everything we purchase. Things That Were Not Subject To The Current 8% PST Will Be Now Taxed As a result, things that were not previously taxed under the current Ontario Provincial Sales Tax (PST) will be taxed at 8%. The new 13% tax will

Flaherty's Pension Announcement: A Weak Response

I recently wrote about the “pension crisis” and what was needed to improve income protection for Canadian seniors. While several provinces have been working on new pension rules, it was federal Finance Minister Flaherty who made the first move, with his announcement on October 26 of proposed changes to federal pension legislation. While there were some positive elements in Flaherty’s announcement, it was far short of what we need. His

Pension Crisis?

If you look at the newspapers this week, you could be forgiven for thinking that there have been sudden dramatic changes in Canadian pension plans. It seems like everyone is writing articles about the pension crisis – disappearing pension plans, bankruptcies, workers losing plans, retirees afraid of starving. Unfortunately, lot of what is being written is confusing and in some cases, confused, so I’ll try to briefly sort out what

Excellent story about SMS in Canada - by Carlos Da Costa

“Excellent story about SMS in Canada”Recently, I came across a very interesting but lengthy story about Safety Management System (SMS) in Canada titled “Fly At Your Own Risk: Why is Transport Canada moving toward self-regulation for the country’s airlines?” Once in a while you come across a story that just can’t be ignored and captures the issue in its entirety from someone else’s perspective. This story featured in The Walrus