COV IAM Fights Back

L to R: James Pattulo, Jeremiah Barbour, Mike Bryan, Dale McKay and Wilson Brown

28 April, 2020 For immediate release Fort McMurray, AB – Kal Tire members have ratified their one-year deal for a contract extension with 90.6 percent in favour of the deal. Terms and conditions of the contract remain the same. “The Committee worked very hard on this and it was a very tough set of negotiations. The employer was looking for changes to their retirement plan, and a major overhaul to

Tell the CPhA: Waive extra dispensing fees at pharmacies

April 25, 2020 In the middle of this pandemic, the Canadian Pharmacists Association determined that pharmacies should limit refills to 30 days instead of 90. This is intended to reduce possible drug shortages. Problem is, that decision hurts Canadians because instead of paying one dispensing fee for a 90-day refill, people now have to pay the dispensing fee every month for each 30-day refill. Call on the CPhA to waive

Fighting Machinists team up, get crucial protections for pre-board screeners

Toronto, ON – The airline industry in Canada has been hit hard by the Covid-19 pandemic. Thousands of airport workers have been laid off, airlines have grounded fleets and associate airport business have been shuttered. For those still employed and going to work at the airport, it can be an unnerving experience as the virus has not stopped it spread. “Some airport employers have been better than others when it

Bearskin Airlines members back on payroll!

22 April, 2020 Thunder Bay, ON – Bearskin Airlines in Thunder Bay signed a Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy (CEWS) agreement with the IAM that brings members back on payroll until June 6th. The agreement helps to keep Local Lodge 2413 members working and boosts the take-home pay for workers that had been previously off the job due to the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak. Dan Janssen, District Lodge 140 General Chairperson, who

IAMAW, Local Lodge 869 reaches an agreement with Rolls-Royce Canada

Workers who do not return to work will maintain their benefits and take advantage of the CEWS Montreal, April 23rd, 2020- Late in the morning, The IAMAW’s (Local Lodge 869) signed two agreements with Rolls-Royce Canada (RRC) The first agreement allows unionized RRC workers who are currently laid off to receive the maximum insurable wage provided by the program, $1.129 per week minus the applicable deductions. As part of Canada’s

LL2323 Young Machinists hard at it again!

20 April, 2020 For immediate release Toronto, ON – The Young Machinists (also known as New Machinists) are back at work. This time they’re raising awareness – and raising money. And it’s all for the community Nicole Tappenden, an active member and a steward for her local, came up with the idea with the Young Machinists and her local quickly joined in. They are producing Thank You Cookie-Grahams to those

Mourn for the Dead, Fight for the Living - Day of Mourning 2020

Tuesday, April 28 is the labour movement’s most solemn day.  The National Day of Mourning remembers those workers killed or injured on the job The Canadian Labour Congress first declared the Day in 1984. More than 100 countries now observe the Day too. This National Day of Mourning, we recognize the many workers in Canada who have lost their lives or who have been injured at work. Every year, hundreds of thousands more

IAM Healthcare Bargaining Priorities

April 2020 To IAMAW Representatives, Members and Employers: The pandemic has been a learning curve in many respects and has exposed critical gaps in workplaces. We’ve become aware of those gaps and unpreparedness in workplaces our members work in, leaving some of them incredibly vulnerable. Many of our members continue to work despite the risks they face without access to PPE, sick leave and even a living wage. It is

Bargaining Priorities-2020 - Canada

COVID – 19 Bargaining Considerations (Canada) The global pandemic related to COVID-19 continues to have an enormous effect on IAM members, the U.S., Canadian and global economies, IAM employers, public policy, and the broader public health. Here are some topics that IAM representatives may want to consider in negotiations with employers over COVID-19 related issues. Note: The provisions listed below are considerations for bargaining; they may or may not be