August 16, 2023

Local 901 prepares for negotiations at W3 Center

Canadian IAM Local 901 (District 78) negotiating committee members recently met for preparations on contract talks with RNS Healthcare. The team spent the week at the IAM’s Winpisinger Center in Hollywood, Md. to review the current contract and discuss and learn tactics for upcoming bargaining discussions with management. IAM member Jin Won Kang gives his comments about the education and training he received and talks about the healthcare system in

New Executive of IAM Local 3111 meets with GVP to talk union

David Chartrand, IAM Canadian General Vice-President met with the new Executive Board of Local Lodge 3111 CULR. The members are all workers at the Canadian Labour Congress (CLC) and are located across Canada and joined the IAM in 2018. Chartrand was accompanied by Chief-of-Staff Gord Falconer and Canadian Research Director Ivana Saula. The discussions today were constructive, insightful and pleasant overall, with many ideas shared. “The newly-elected Executive Board members