WW 2011 is shaping up to be a unique celebration of voices.


This is a deliberate Call for Participation, more than a call for papers. Why? Because WW 2011 is as much about grassroots activism as it is about academic achievement. We know that important insights come from various communities – that’s why we are striving to make WW 2011 a space for all kinds of conversations and connections between diverse people.

Proposals for presentations can come from individuals, groups, coalitions, networks, teams – everything will be considered.

YOU ARE committed to women’s rights and equality. YOU ARE academics, activists, researchers, policy-makers, advocates, artists. You are from all corners of the world. You are elders and youth and anywhere in between. You are people with (dis)abilities. You are Inuit and Indigenous, Mestizo and Métis, Aboriginal and Aborigine. You are part of ethnic, linguistic, cultural, and poor communities. You are LGBT and two-spirited. You are beautifully uncategorizable.

You want to share your ideas, findings, and stories at WW 2011. You have in mind a presentation that follows a classic format or you want to present through multimedia, performance art, exhibits, cultural events …

When it comes to your submission: be creative. Be as traditional or non-traditional as you want to be. Be daring, even.
What will WW 2011 address?

Where women and globalization are concerned, there are critical questions to be asked. There are learnings to share and ideas to celebrate. The main theme of this congress (Inclusions, Exclusions, Seclusions: Living in a Globalized World) invites us to explore how women are reacting and adapting to the increasing interconnectedness of our world.

In communities everywhere, women are courageously taking on the injustices brought about by globalization, as well as seizing the benefits. In doing so, paths are being paved for next generations to enjoy true and sustainable equality.

The content and conversations of WW 2011 will name and celebrate this action in all its forms while showcasing the best of innovative research, critical learning, and women’s leadership.

Each of the four days of the congress will be guided by an overarching theme: Breaking Cycles, Breaking Ceilings, Breaking Barriers, and Breaking Ground.

Presenters representing academia, activism, policy development, research, arts, culture, and beyond will promote ideas-sharing, knowledge-transfer, and solutions. Along with the congress as a whole, they will ask:

In the face of globalization and all that it means, how can we combine our collective strengths in order to …

   1. mount effective challenges to the dominant attitudes that perpetuate inequality
   2. highlight and share our successes and strategies
   3. amplify women’s voices and ideas within the discourse on globalization

WW 2011 will also be a chance to move beyond discussion – to connect and reconnect around common strategies and political agendas so that women’s equality and human rights may truly advance.

This event invites a diversity of minds and experiences to delve into some of the most pressing issues of our time.