Women’s Rights are not up for debate! Petition on M-312

On April 26, Members of Parliament will begin debating Motion M-312, which calls for a Parliamentary Committee to examine whether the Criminal Code definition of "human being" should be expanded to include fetuses. This threatens to allow, through the back door, a recriminalization of abortion, as well as deny the constitutional rights of pregnant women.

The motion is scheduled for one hour of debate on April 26, with a further debate and vote as early as June. Under a Conservative majority government, this motion has a real chance of passing.

Please get involved and fight back! Download and print the petition, gather signatures and send the completed petitions to the Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada. Signed petitions will be sent to Members of Parliament to be formally submitted.

The Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada (ARCC) has an Action Alert page for the motion where you can find updates, information, sample letters, postcards and other fun actions.

Canadian women and their allies in the trade union movement fought hard to win reproductive rights. Now it's time for us to take a strong stand for reproductive justice and let Parliament know that women's rights are not up for debate.

(Canadian Labour Congress website)