The fight for 15 gains ground and the new CLC executive is elected by electronic vote!

The fight for 15 gains ground and the new CLC executive is elected by electronic vote!

Toronto, ON – There were many highlights at the 28th Canadian Labour Congress held in Toronto May 8-12th but two really stood out. More than 3,000 delegates took the message of the need for a $15.00 minimum wage to the financial district of Toronto on Thursday May 11th. It was a two pronged march through the streets of Toronto at noon hour culminating with a massive block party in front of TD Bank headquarters on Bay Street. It appears the message may be sinking in, Alberta Premier Rachel Notley told CLC delegates on May 10th that Alberta would be initializing the $15.00 an hour minimum wage in 2018 and Ontario’s ruling Liberals, trying everything to get re-elected in 2018, may include the $15.00 minimum wage in  a Labour Reform report destined to be released later this month. That was followed by the high tech election of new executive officers through electronic voting.

Each delegate was given an electronic voting card and an electronic voting device. For each election, in this case for the position of Secretary Treasurer, delegates had two choices – Marie Clark Walker from CUPE and Ferne Downey of ACTRA. The delegate merely highlighted the candidate they wanted, clicked a button and their vote was tabulated instantly. The results were available within a matter of minutes after voting was closed. The new electronic voting eliminated the old paper voting system which has proven over the years to be very time consuming.

For the position of Executive Vice President, delegates had to choose two candidates from Bernard LaFleur of CUPW, Larry Rousseau of PSAC and Susanne Skidmore of BCGEU.

Marie Clark Walker was elected Secretary Treasurer and Bernard LaFleur and Larry Rousseau were elected Executive Vice Presidents. We congratulate our new executive and look forward to working with them closely.


Photo one: CLC delegates march through the streets of downtown Toronto toward the financial district promoting the need for a $15.00/hour minimum wage.


Photo Two: The electronic voting device used for the first time to elect a new executive for the Canadian Labour Congress


Photo Three : The new executive of the CLC  for next three years, from left to right – Bernard LaFleur of CUPW – Executive Vice President, Larry Rousseau of PSAC – Executive Vice President, Hussan Youssef of UNIFOR – CLC President, Marie Clark Walker of CUPE – Secretary Treasurer.