Smaller ships – greater agility

Smaller ships – greater agility

Hollywood, MD – In excess of 110 IAM Canadian staff, Directing Business Representatives, Business Representatives, General Chairpersons as well as Local Lodge officers are attending the 2017 Staff Conference and Local Lodge Symposium this week at the IAM W3 Education Center.

In his opening remarks to delegates, GVP Stan Pickthall used the theme of the Symposium,

“Smaller Ships” to outline the future course of the union in Canada. “I had the opportunity to speak with a large employer some time back,” said Pickthall. “They wanted to change the tenor of their employee relations with our members. I told them this company is like a big ship that took many years to get going in the direction it has chosen. Now you want to change the direction, but it takes time to make that change. It isn’t going to make a U-turn on the spot.”


Pickthall said the IAM is comprised of many smaller ships and Local Lodges are those smaller ships that contribute to our direction of travel. “We are looking for your feedback and suggestions into setting that direction because we do not have all the answers,” he explained. “We may be going in the right direction; we may not be going there fast enough. Or we may have drifted a little and need to adjust our direction. It’s all about agility and we’re looking to your energy and motivation to get us there.” Over the next few days the delegates will set that new course.




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