Shelter Voices – A day in the life of Canada’s shelters for women survivors of abuse

This first pan Canadian annual survey gives us insight into a typical day in the life of women’s shelters and transition houses across the country, bringing us the voices of the women on the front-lines. Shelter workers from 242 shelters responded to our call. Shelters in all provinces and territories, with the exception of Nunavut, participated in the survey. Shelter Voices aims to shine light on the issue of violence against women and to break barriers by revealing what is happening.
Shelters contribute more than a safe place to stay. They provide vital services and resources that enable women who have experienced abuse, and their children, to re-build self esteem and take steps to regain a self-determined and independent life. They are a focal point connecting women to the services available which are far too often insufficient and uncoordinated.
Women’s shelters and transition house workers are leaders in bringing about change and advocating for an end to violence against women. Listening to their voices and the voices of the women they accompany is key to deliver solutions to end violence against women.