Senate passes Bill C-10. IAM still moves ahead

Senate passes Bill C-10. IAM still moves ahead

Wednesday, 22 June, 2016
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OTTAWA – Today, the Senate passed Bill C-10 in third reading, after minimal debate by senators. The bill, an Act to Amend the Air Canada Public Participation Act, was passed after two days of hearings in the Senate Standing committee of Transport and Communications in which IAM representatives, as well as those from Air Canada and the aerospace industry gave testimony.

The Senate Standing committee of Transport and Communications discussed the bill without accepting any of the amendments put forward by the IAM members meeting with ten senators in their offices. The next step is for the bill to have Royal Assent, at which point it becomes law.

“Although the bill passed in the Senate we consider our time spent in Ottawa a significant gain,” said Gord Falconer, Chief-of-Staff of IAM Canada. “The IAM came to Ottawa to make a difference, but the Senate stayed the course of the government – and of Air Canada. Our goal was to come out ahead in many ways – education, communication and political action, and we did this,” he said.

IAM members and staff have visited Ottawa on numerous occasions over the last few months to make their case to Members of Parliament and Senate throughout the life of Bill C-10.

“It was heartening to see our members so engaged in the political process and to discuss how to go about changing the world around us,” said Lou Pagrach, Special Representative in charge of Political Action for Canada, who coordinated the senate lobby.

The IAM’s political action program, started a few short years ago, has trained dozens of activists who are ready to defend IAM members’ rights, and those of all workers,” said Falconer.

“This is only one battle,” said Falconer. “There are many more to come, and we intend to get our members ready for them,” he said.

The IAM is the largest union in Canada’s Air Transport Sector and the largest union at Air Canada representing 8,000 workers.



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