Same old no more!

Same old no more!

A new strategic approach to organizing


Hollywood, MD – For the first time since 1992, the IAM is taking a new strategic approach to organizing. “The fundamental challenge is to grow this organization,” explains IAM Director of Organization Vincent Adeo. “We acknowledged that our previous methods were ineffective so we brought together our Grand Lodge and District staff from every territory down to the William Winpisinger Education Centre to find a solution.”

It was a top to bottom review of our approach to organizing, a no holds barred – strategy and tactics; open and honest discussion; learn from innovations in the field; discussions informed by data from our Strategic Resources Department with a focus on the future. “Our blueprint program was too rigid and lacked flexibility and we found it restricted our organizers in the field from doing their job,” explained Adeo. “This new method allows creativity and our people don’t have to take risks anymore.”

Each territory sends a minimum of 25 participants to a week-long introductory course for meetings, format presentations on structure as well as discussions, exercises and questions. This week 36 Canadian Grand Lodge Staff, District Representatives and Organizers took part in the introduction course. “This is a great follow up to the monthly organizing and sectoral meetings we have been conducting in Canada,” said IAM Canadian General Vice President Stan Pickthall. “This is fresh, our people are interested and invigorated, and the sessions are going very well.”