Raise the profile of the IAM – that’s your job

Raise the profile of the IAM – that’s your job

Las Vegas, NV – “Our job as Communicators is to raise the profile of the IAM, to put our efforts and successes in front of our members and the public at every opportunity,” said IAM Canadian General Vice President Stan Pickthall.

Speaking to more than 170 delegates attending the 2019 IAM Communications Conference last week, Pickthall added, “Our job as Communicators is to reach out to our members at every turn, and get their story, put into words then share as widely as we can.”

As the former Award-winning editor of the IAM District Lodge 250 District Newsletter – Northwest News, Pickthall knows what he is talking about. “The District sent me to Basic Editor’s school where I studied under Dave Stack, a grizzled old Newspaperman,” said Pickthall. “He taught me the value of News-style storytelling also known as the inverted pyramid, he stressed the value of Face-to-Face interviews ensuring that I got the 5 W’s and perhaps just as important is the fact that our storytelling is not balanced but biased because we are telling our story.”

Pickthall encouraged delegates to get involved with their membership. “You have access to the members, access to their workplaces, our members are real people with their own experiences and we can be a conduit for them,” he said. “Communications is how we connect ourselves to our members, to our communities and to our world.”