Putting Our Aerospace Industry On The Map

Putting Our Aerospace Industry On The Map

IAMAW Releases Major Report In Support of Aerospace

Monday February 4, 2019
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Montreal, QC – The International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAMAW), the largest union in the aerospace sector and the air transportation industry released a major report that emphasizes the urgency of addressing challenges in the aerospace sector.

The report highlights critical issues the industry is facing and the union is calling on federal and provincial governments to develop a coordinated and cohesive national strategy that will ensure better use of government money in support of an industry which Canada relies on for employment and revenue more than its competitors.

The union’s General Vice-President, Stan Pickthall will visit one of Canada’s key aerospace clusters, Montreal and three major aerospace plants; Rolls-Royce, Bombardier, and Airbus.

“Our goal is to raise awareness of the significance of the aerospace industry in Canada, and the need for the Canadian government to fund this important sector of the economy in which Canada has several competitive advantages,” explains Pickthall. “Not only is this industry a significant contributor to our economy, it also offers stable, high quality employment for middle class Canadians.”

“While our members depend on jobs in this industry, the IAMAW understands challenges that the industry is facing have broad repercussions,” added Pickthall. “The union is committed to working with both government and industry to solve an increasingly complex problem.”

“With this document, we intend to make aerospace issues a priority in the next federal election campaign,” says the Quebec coordinator of the Machinists ‘ Union, David Chartrand. Representatives of the IAMAW will travel to Ottawa at the end of the month to meet with members of the various political parties in order to give them a copy of the report and discuss its contents with them. A document dealing more specifically with the aerospace situation in Quebec will also be published shortly.

Copies of the report are available on the union’s website, and will be distributed throughout aerospace plants in Montreal over the next few days.


For further information:
Stan Pickthall – IAMAW Canadian General Vice President
416-386-1789 Ext #23
David Chartrand – IAMAW Québec Coordinator
Bill Trbovich – IAMAW Director of Communications for Canada
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