In a Minority Government – We can make a difference

22 October, 2019 Last night’s election results confirmed that Canadians were not comfortable living with four more years of a Liberal majority government. The results also confirmed a rejection of the Harper-inspired, Doug Ford, Jason Kenney Conservative-led policies of slashing public services, giving tax cuts to the wealthiest while lining the pockets of their corporate friends. One of our own, Local Lodge 2323’s Dan Janssen ran a strong campaign in

New Federal Employment Standards, What's in Force and What is Not?

Weak employment standards negatively impact worker health and safety, particularly as they relate to hours of work and the employment relationship. Many provisions have yet to come into force, others have built in loopholes and many of these changes remain unaddressed. The majority of Canada’s employment standards were developed in the 1960’s when workers were generally employed in full-time, permanent jobs with living wages and benefits. Today, workers are increasingly employed in

IAM Protests another needless death at Fiera Foods

14 October, 2019 Toronto – On October 4, 2019, IAM activists joined labour and migrant rights activists from across the Greater Toronto Area to protest unsafe working conditions at Fiera Foods, an industrial bakery in Toronto, and demand that the company protect workers’ health and safety – and their very lives! The protest follows another needless death at Fiera Foods: 57-year-old Enrico Miranda, a cleaner at the bakery. Miranda was the


Every one of us has the POWER to vote for a better Canada Canadians turned out in record numbers for the advance polls over the long weekend. According to Elections Canada, an estimated 4.7 million voters cast ballots, that’s up 29 percent from the 2015 early polls! Polls report that since Sept. 13, the NDP has surged by nearly four points to 19 percent support. We have the momentum – this is

Staff of Canadian Labour Congress Reject Employer Offer - CLC EMPLOYEES TO STRIKE TUESDAY MORNING

PRESS RELEASE For Immediate Release — October 13th, 2019 Staff of Canadian Labour Congress Reject Employer Offer CLC EMPLOYEES TO STRIKE TUESDAY MORNING OTTAWA — After nearly two years of ongoing negotiations with their employer following the expiry of their Collective Agreement on June 30th 2017, members of the Canadian Union of Labour Representatives (IAMAW Local Lodge 3111 CULR), which represents the majority of staff at the Canadian Labour Congress

The “New Normal”: IAM Members Share their Experiences with Workplace Automation

By Ivana Saula IAM Canadian Research Director “People don’t realize how automated [our workplace is]” Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a new buzz word everyone has heard of; it has piqued our collective imaginations on what our world might look like with the availability of new technologies. It seems every day there’s a new breakthrough powered by artificial intelligence, and the concern everyone has relates to the implications for workers and

What will you do the day after the election for the aerospace industry?

That was the question that the IAMAW had for the five candidates at the all candidates session hosted by the AIAC in Toronto on October 3, 2019.  The Liberal and Conservative candidates took that opportunity to slander each other’s parties rather than giving specific details on their party’s platform on the aerospace industry. The Aerospace Industry of Canada (AIAC) hosted the third of three Vision 2025 Election Town Hall meetings on October

Ramping it up at Envoy Air - 40 new members join IAM to gain respect!

2 October, 2019 For Immediate Release Vancouver, BC – Ramp workers at Envoy Air in Vancouver joined the IAM on October 1 after more than 70% of workers signed membership cards. The Canada Industrial Labour Board recognised the vote and certified the IAM as their bargaining agent. Ron Fontaine, Canadian Territorial Organising Leader said “we tried for some time to meet with the workers, but just couldn’t get meetings. We

Local 103 members at Domclean Ltd ratify new agreement

4 October, 2019 For Immediate Release Stratford, ON – IAM Local 103 members employed by Domclean Ltd. recently ratified a new collective agreement.The agreement includes a wage increase each year of agreement, improvements to how vacation requests are granted, coverage for doctors’ notes and improvements to uniforms. Special thanks to Trudy Clarke for all her help.Our IAM Members perform custodial duties in a large automotive manufacturer in Stratford Ontario, also

Local 1295 members ratify agreement with Courtyard Brampton

IAM local 1295 members employed by courtyard Brampton recently ratified a new collective agreement.Our IAM members will receive an increase each year of the agreement, improvements to the way personal/sick days are utilized and coverage for sick notes, improvements to uniforms and improvements to working conditions as well as a premium for members working in laundry department. Special thanks go to Chief Steward Maritza Juarez for all her dedication and hard