Machinists ratify new agreement with Motor Coach!

Monday March 2, 2009 For Immediate Release Winnipeg, MB – Members of IAMAW Local Lodge 1953 have ratified a new collective agreement with Motor Coach Industries. “It took a while but we now have significant changes to contract language concerning management rights and contracting out,” said IAMAW District Lodge 181 Directing Business Representative Wayne Relf. “By removing the addendum language on Management rights, the company no longer has the right

Global Economy impacts on Volvo Penta Agreement!

Monday February 23, 2009 For Immediate Release Burnaby, BC – The worsening global economy has had a direct impact on the latest collective agreement signed by the members of IAMAW Local Lodge 692 with Volvo Penta Canada (Marine Division). “Volvo Penta is facing the same challenges as are all manufacturers and the members here are concerned for the job security,” said IAMAW District 250 Business Representative Paul Pelletreau. “The layoff

Machinists ratify new Messier-Dowty Agreement!

Friday February 20, 2009 For Immediate Release Montréal, QC – The 138 members of IAMAW Local Lodge 1758 have ratified a new five-year collective agreement with Messier-Dowty Ltd. “There was no doubt that the 100 per cent strike mandate given the bargaining committee by the membership two weeks ago had an impact on the final negotiations,” said IAMAW District 11 Business Representative Claude Boisvert. “Communications between members of the bargaining

Esquimalt Dockyards Workers finally get Award!

Wednesday February 18, 2009 For Immediate Release Esquimalt, BC – Members of IAMAW Local Lodge 456 employed at the federal government dockyards have a new forty-six-month collective agreement. The IAMAW is one of eleven unions representing trades people at the dockyards under a poly-party agreement certified to the Federal Government Dockyard (FGDY) Trades and Labour Council (West). “An agreement was bargained in 2007 that would have seen the tradesmen wages

Ambutrans Workers the latest to join Machinists!

Friday February 13, 2009 For Immediate Release Toronto, ON – Workers at Ambutrans Incorporated are the latest health care sector workers to join the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers. The 170 new members of IAMAW Local Lodge 1295 provide non-emergency ambulatory patient transfers from Toronto to Durham Region in the east and Mississauga in the west. This is the second group of patient transfer workers to join the

ACE and Air Canada Board Liable for breach of pension plan fiduciary duties say Machinists!

Friday February 13, 2009 For Immediate Release Toronto, ON – The IAMAW says the members of the ACE and Air Canada Board of Directors will be liable if ACE goes ahead with its plans to wind up ACE Aviation and distribute the proceeds to its shareholders. “During the past year, the funded position of Air Canada’s pension plans has deteriorated significantly and has imperilled the financial position of retirees and


RSI Day Life-altering injuries Repetitive strain injury (RSI) or musculosketal disorder (MSD) are umbrella terms used to describe a collection of injuries that affect the muscles, nerves and tendons. Tendonitis, tenosynovitis and carpal tunnel syndrome are some common examples. Common symptoms include aches, pains, tingling, swelling and loss of joint movement and strength in the affected area(s). These symptoms can progress into crippling disorders preventing those affected from working or

Machinists ratify new deal with Hudson Bay Mining!

Thursday February 12, 2009 For Immediate Release Flin Flon, MB – The 200 members of IAMAW Local Lodge 1848 have ratified a new three-year collective agreement and avoided binding interest arbitration with Hudson Bay Mining and Smelting. “We were fortunate to reach an agreement and thus avoid the Interest Arbitration process this time around in light of the current economic situation that both primary and secondary manufacturing are facing right

Alerte chimique sur Bisphenol A

ALERTE CHIMIQUE Le bisphénol A (BPA) est un produit chimique industriel utilisé dans la fabrication d’un plastique rigide et transparent, le polycarbonate. Le polycarbonate entre dans la fabrication de nombre de produits de consommation, dont des bouteilles d’eau réutilisables et des biberons. Le bisphénol A se trouve également dans des résines époxydes, servant de revêtement de protection à l’intérieur de contenants métalliques pour aliments et boissons. Les travailleurs peuvent donc

Chemical alert on Bisphenol A

CHEMICAL ALERT Bisphenol A (BPA) is an industrial chemical used to make a hard, clear plastic known as polycarbonate, which is used in many consumer products, including reusable water bottles, and baby bottles. Bisphenol A is also found in epoxy resins, which act as a protective lining on the inside of metal-based food and beverage cans and epoxy resins that may expose workers to BPA. The Government of Canada is