Ottawa invests over $2 billion in our space program

Ottawa invests over $2 billion in our space program

Ottawa, ON – Hot on the heels of the CLC and IAM lobby on Parliament Hill in Ottawa, the Liberal government announced an historic $2 billion funding plan for Canadian partnership in the NASA-led Lunar Gateway program (known as the Lunar Orbital Platform-Gateway (LOP-G).

While the IAM can’t take credit for the surprise announcement, we know that having a strong and consistent presence in Ottawa brings results in interesting ways. Derek Ferguson, Grand Lodge Special Representative for Political Action Coordinator said, “The IAM has put many resources into lobbying and political action in general. Our members are energised and highly effective when they speak to their elected representatives. We need more trade unionists involved in speaking to politicians, so they know what our needs are.”

The Canadian Government has committed to investing $2.05 billion over 24 years for Canada’s space program. Not only will this create hundreds of good, well-paying jobs over the next ten years – from scientists, engineers, technicians and computer programmers, it will also contribute $100 million annually to Canada’s gross domestic product.

Many jobs positively affected by the investment may well be those represented by the IAM. “We are pleased about this investment because we know it will lead to better-paying jobs while securing a good future for people and the communities they live in,” said Stan Pickthall, IAM Canadian General Vice-President.

If you would like more information on the Lunar Gateway, please CLICK HERE

French link for Lunar Gateway is
Lunar Orbital Platform-Gateway (Portail en orbite lunaire)