Only you can help us Grow!

Only you can help us Grow!

The IAM represents workers in a large number of diverse industries and sector of the Canadian economy. One is mining. While in Canada, we represent workers who have a variety of skills, and who expertise makes mining possible, we don’t have any members employed as miners, directly.

Our members do however maintain and manufacture the equipment used in the mining sector. There are many mining sites that use the services of “non-union” workers. Often these workers are working on or near mine sites but receive lower wages and benefits than their unionized counterparts. Just as importantly, they have little to no say in critical issues, like health and safety.

Our newest members in this sector employed by Kal Tire near Fort Frances, Ontario, cited job security as their number one issue. Seven days a week and 24 hours a day, they maintain and repair the enormous tires used by the trucks and loaders in a gold mine.

You can help both other workers and your Union, the IAM. We ask you to forward any contact information you might have about non-unionized workers in this sector. Contact either Ron Fontaine by email at or call 604-448-0721/604-340-2083 or Scott Jackson by email at  or call 416-225-9003/416-579-0854 or 1-877-426-1426.  Help us grow!