Only ONE position on strategic voting,” says IAM’s Dave Ritchie

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25 September, 2014

The IAM in Canada have only ever had one position on strategic voting, says Canadian General Vice-president Dave Ritchie.

“We are going into a federal election next year, and I want to make clear to all our members, prospective members, and the public at large, that strategic voting only means that Liberals and Tories benefit,” said Ritchie.

Voting strategically means making a choice on who to vote for in any given riding during any given election. For the IAM in Canada, there is only ever one choice – the NDP!

We were in full partnership when the NDP was founded in 1961, and we intend to remain with the NDP.

In the last federal election, the NDP became the official opposition with three times as many seats as the Liberals. That shows what happens when you vote with your conscience.

“We support the NDP and there’s nothing that could convince us to support any other party. They care about workers and that’s who we care about, said Ritchie.

“In the next federal election, it only makes sense to vote NDP if we intend to take Canada in a new direction – one that is passionate and compassionate. In 2015, the IAM will be voting NDP across Canada,” concluded Ritchie.

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