NDP has double digit poll lead in BC Election Forecast

NDP has double digit poll lead in BC Election Forecast

Vancouver, BC – The latest public opinion poll by Mainstreet Research shows the BC New Democrats under John Horgan with a ten point lead over the incumbent Liberals of Premier Christy Clark, at the half way point of the provincial election campaign.

“We’re happy with these numbers,” said IAM District Lodge 250 Directing Business Representative Walter Gerlach. “However in 2013 the NDP had a 24 point bulge and Clark wiped the floor with us so we have to be cautious too.”

The polled conducted Tuesday April 25, 2017 shows the NDP has made gains in the Vancouver strongholds of the liberals, taking advantage of Clarks’ dropping approval rating which stands at 26 per cent.

But polls are volatile creatures at best, other recent polls suggest the NDP ahead by only four points while yet another claims the Liberals are leading in 37 ridings, the NDP in 26 and 22 are too close to call. The late John Diefenbaker often said polls are only good for one thing and dogs know what that is!

The issues topping the list for BC voters include affordable housing in Vancouver, the fate of the Site C dam, pipelines, classroom size in BC schools and for the BC interior, the softwood lumber dispute with the United States. The election is slated Tuesday May 9th.