Members to Decide on Air Canada Deal

Friday January 8, 2016

For Immediate Release


Toronto, On – Members of the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAM) employed at Air Canada will begin voting next week on a new 10-year collective agreement.

“This is a good deal that addresses the concerns of our membership,” explained IAM Transportation District 140 President and Directing General Chairperson Fred Hospes. “Now we begin the process of explaining the details of this agreement to our membership in a series of ratification meetings next week.” A tentative agreement was reached on December 18, 2015 with remaining aspects agreed to and signed off in meetings held in Toronto yesterday.

“The length of this agreement is unprecedented for the IAM and Air Canada,” said Hospes. “It marks the first time in over a decade we have been able to bargain freely without the threat of bankruptcy or government interference hanging over us. This is proof that the collective bargaining process can work if the parties involved are left alone to work things out.”

“This provides job security for our airports people,” explained Hospes. For the duration of this agreement our members will continue to perform the regional ground handling work in their locations. So no matter what the station, no matter who the operating carrier is, our members’ jobs are safe. We didn’t have this language before.”

“We have also secured job protection for the Air Canada mechanics on the aircraft they currently maintain,” Hospes said. “What this means is that if Air Canada transfers any of its existing fleet of aircraft to an Air Canada Express Partner who continues to fly on behalf of Air Canada Express, Jazz or Sky Regional, Air Canada IAM mechanics will continue to perform maintenance on the transferred aircraft. This language was not in the previous agreement.”

“Another key win for us was an amendment to include Air Canada rouge in the definition section of this agreement,” explained Hospes. “This means Air Canada must treat rouge aircraft as they do mainline aircraft with respect to ground handling and maintenance jobs. Our member’s jobs are safe!”

“Another important feature of this tentative agreement is that there are two re-openers,” explains Bargaining Committee Chair and IAM Transportation District 140 General Chairperson Ken Russell. “This allows our members the chance to renegotiate improvements to the contract.”

Detailed information on these issue as well as wages, benefit improvements, shift premiums, skills endorsements, time bank, promotions and vacations and other agreement amendments will be explained in a series of cross-country information/ratification meetings at Air Canada bases beginning on January 14 and ending on January 22, 2016.

This agreement covers IAM Air Canada employees in three divisions, Technical Operations, Airports and Cargo and Logistics and Supply.

Technical Operations includes aircraft maintenance engineers, mechanics, millwrights, electricians, inspectors, technical writers, planers and instructors.

Airports and cargo includes cabin groomers, aircraft cleaners, baggage and cargo handlers, baggage and cargo agents and weight and balance agents.

Logistics and Supply are responsible for the storage and handling of all purchases made on behalf of the airline>

The IAM also represents Finance and Clerical workers at Air Canada. Their contract negotiations will begin shortly.




For further information:

Fred Hospes – IAM District Lodge 140 President and Directing Chairperson


Carlos Da Costa – IAM Airline Coordinator

416-386-1789 Ext #6329/416-575-3492

Bill Trbovich – IAM Director of Communications

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