Machinists Ink New Deal with Bombardier

North Bay, ON – Members of IAMAW Local Lodge 2412 have a new three-year collective agreement with Bombardier Aerospace.
The new agreement provides for wages increase of 2 per cent in the first year, 2.25 per cent in the second year and 2.5 per cent in the third year. The current average wage rate is $29.40 per hour. Other agreement highlights include :
• Won a 26 week Short Term Disability @ 66 and 2/3 pay
• Reinstated discipline and seniority language
• Established new facilities maintenance classification
• $25.00 benefit for each signing authority each time an aircraft flies
• 4 weeks vacation after nine years of service
• $1.50 license pay for structures
The 48 members conduct final assembly on the Bombardier CL415 water bomber.