LL 2413 Celebrates 40 years with Machinists!

LL 2413 Celebrates 40 years with Machinists!


This week marked the 40th anniversary of IAMAW Local Lodge 2413. It began life with 55 members on March 10, 1970 and now boasts in excess of 700 dues-paying members in the aviation and transportation sectors. In honour of the 40th anniversary, several of the charter members were invited back to the lodge to receive certificates of appreciation.

The founding fathers of IAMAW Local Lodge 2413 (L) John McQuhae –first Secretary Treasurer and (R) Steve Vodi – first President of the lodge, hold a photograph in which they were awarded the lodge’s charter by then Canadian General Vice President  Mike Rygus on March 10, 1970.

The past and the present OF IAMAW Local Lodge 2413. (L-R) John McQuhae one of the founding fathers of the local lodge and current Recording Secretary, Steve Vodi, first president of the lodge and now active retiree and Mike Corrado, current president of LL 2413.


Current LL 2413 President Mike Corrado hands Steve Vodi his certificate as a founding charter member of LL 2413 to mark its 40th anniversary. Vodi organized the first 55 members of the lodge, served as its first president and was the Canadian airline coordinator when he retired in 2006.


It’s not often you get to celebrate your local lodge’s birthday along with your own and get to eat your cake too! Not only did LL 2413 president Mike Corrado award Moon Ip a certificate for years of service to the local but he also presented him with a cake to honour of his 72nd birthday.

The hard work of the members of IAMAW Local Lodge 2413 are evident in this check. The members raised $14,000 for the 2012 Grand Lodge convention which will be held in Toronto for the first time since 1901. Presenting the check on behalf of LL2413 to the 2012 Host Committee are (from left to right) Steve Vodi, John McQuhae, Pauline Pegnam – 2012 Host Committee Secretary Treasurer and Tom Lee – Administrative Assistant to Canadian GVP Dave Ritchie.