IAMAW – IWD Statement 2010

Women around the globe would do well to mark Monday, March 8, 2010, International Women’s Day as a day not just for reflection but of Action.
Women have worked hard to be recognized and to have their voices heard. There are those that say we have equality and Women’s issues no longer exist.

Its true women make up 50% of the workforce in Canada. Along with this new statistic comes issues that have yet to be resolved for working women.

Pay Equity, child care, elder care, family responsibility, harassment and violence, health care, access to education and/or apprenticeships, full time, living wage jobs that provide benefits now and into retirement, and pensions.

Are there still Women’s Issues – YES In order for our society to prosper and grow Women and their families must become stronger and must achieve equal footing. We can do it, when we work together. Speak up, Speak out and be heard!

Raise these issues in your workplace, in your Unions and in your communities. Talk to your Members of Parliament, Federally and Provincially.

Support each other and pull each other up and out. Celebrate! your victories.
Commit to action this March 8th and everyday going forward.