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Canadian Machinists Conference

Ontario Provincial Council of Machinists

Québec Provincial Council of Machinists

IAM District 11
District 11 Represents 10,000 members in Québec.

IAM District 14
District 14 Representing 3 Locals and 7 collective agreements in Alberta since 1962.

IAM District 78
District 78 Representing approximately 3,500 members in Ontario.

IAM District 140
District 140 Representing the air transport Division in Canada

IAM District 181
District 181 Located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, District 181 currently has 4 Locals and 10 collective agreements under its jurisdiction.

IAM District 250
District 250 Northwest District 250 o f the IAM, formed in 1988, consists of members belonging to seven Local Lodges, several of which have been representing workers since the beginning of the 1900's. We represent over 4,000 working men and women in over 125 Companies.

Local Lodge 11
Local Lodge 11 - We represent some 450 aerospace workers in Delta, British Columbia. Stay tuned as we bring you news and information about our local lodge, our national union, and the North America-wide aerospace industry in which we work.

Local Lodge 16
Local Lodge 16 - We represent member in seven companies: Aeroguard, Air Transat, GlobeGround North America, Galt Western, Piedmonth Hawthorne, YYJ FBO services and Worldwide Flight Services.Local Lodge 32 - Members in Cold Lake, Alberta and Moose Jaw Saskatchewan

Local Lodge 32
Local Lodge 32 - Local Lodge 32 is part of the IAMAW District 140. We serve the men and women of the NFTC Program and our lodge covers two geographical work footprints. There is an operational base located at 4 Wing - Cold Lake, Alberta and an operational base located at 15 Wing Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan.

Local Lodge 54
Local Lodge 54 - Odessa, Ontario

Local Lodge 99
Local Lodge 99 Representing members in the employ of Finning (Canada) Ltd in Alberta and The Northwest Territories, Canada, and in the employ of Kal Tire in Fort McMurray and Mildred Lake, Alberta, Canada. We received our Charter on May 01, 1992.

Local Lodge 103
Local Lodge 103 - The IAM in Canada received its forst charter for Local Lodge 108 in Stratford, Ontario. Since that time, the IAM has grown to spread out all over Canada. The tradition remains strong.

Local Lodge 235
Local Lodge 235 - Local Lodge 235 was the second local chartered in Canada in 1891. Since that time it has widened its scope and is not multi-faceted local representing workplaces ranging from bakeries to public transportation.

Local Lodge 386
Local Lodge 386 - Owen Sound, Ontario

Local Lodge 456
Local Lodge 456 - Local 456 was granted its charter on May 18, 1901. Like the parent union, our members were part of a railroad, the Esquimalt/Nanaimo Railway. Over the years we have expanded into the shipyards, pulp and paper mills small machine shops and manufacturers for the marine industry.

Local Lodge 608
Local Lodge 608 - IAMAW Local 608 is a composite local representing the Millwrights, Electricians, Carpenters, Sheet Metal Workers, Heavy equipment operators, Stores Keepers, and Decontam monitors at the Canadian Nuclear Laboratories at Whiteshell facility at Pinawa, Manitoba, Canada. The local also represents the town workers & office staff of Pinawa.
Local Lodge 692 Local Lodge 692 - British Columbia

Local Lodge 712
Local Lodge 712 - Since 1940, the Local 712 represents members AIMTA-FTQ company Bombardier Canadair Division, members of the company L3Com MAS Canada Mirabel, members of the company Aramark Cafeteria, members of the company Cafeteria Compass and International North Shore.
Depuis 1940, la Section locale 712 AIMTA-FTQ représente les membres de l’entreprise Bombardier Aéronautique Division Canadair, les membres de l’entreprise L3Com MAS Canada à Mirabel, les membres de l’entreprise de Cafétéria Aramark les membres de l’entreprise de Cafétéria Compass, et International Rive-Nord.

Airline Lodge 714
Airline Lodge 714 - Winnipeg, Manitoba

Local Lodge 717 Turbo
Local Lodge 717 Turbo, chartered in 1953, is affiliated to IAM District 78. We represent two hundred members employed at Magellan Aerospace in Mississauga Ontario. For more than sixty years we have manufactured, repaired and overhauled turbo fan engines for use in Commercial and military aerospace. We work primarily on GE404, GE414 and J85 engines. We also manufacture components for all makes and models of turbo fan power plants.

Spitfire Lodge 741
Spitfire Lodge 741 - This Local was chartered in 1941. The name of the lodge is Spitfire Lodge Local 741. It was named after the Spitfire fighter that was made by McDonald Aerospace, the predecessor of Magellan Aerospace. The members of this lodge currently make air to ground missiles , drones and the Black Brant sub-orbital rocket for Canada, United States, Britain, Australia and other countries.

Local Lodge 764
Local Lodge 764 Representing air transport workers in British columbia and the Yukon.

Local Lodge 869 Local Lodge 869 Representing workers at Rolls-Royce.

Local Lodge 901 Local Lodge 901 -

Local Lodge 905 Local Lodge 905
The members of Local Lodge 905 are employees of Messier-Dowty Toronto and Cametoid Ltd.  Located in the Regional Municipality of Durham, just east of Toronto, Ontario, Local 905 currently has 200 members.  The Local Lodge was chartered on the 28th of April, 1959.

Local Lodge 922 Local Lodge 922 - Sherbrooke, QC

Local Lodge 1120 Local Lodge 1120 Chartered on January 01, 1946.

Local Lodge 1295 Local Lodge 1295 represents hotel workers and those in the healthcare sector across Ontario.

Local Lodge 1542 LL 1542 represents approximately 400 employees at Arnprior Aerospace Inc, and 50 employees at Hypernetics.

Local Lodge 1660 Local Lodge 1660 Chartered on January 28, 1943.

Northern Crossroads Local 1681 Northern Crossroads Local 1681 - Representing workers from Air Canada in Calgary and Edmonton, as well as Globe Ground Edmonton.
Automotive Local Lodge 1722 Automotive Local Lodge 1722 - Edmonton, Grand Pararie and Calgary

Local Lodge 1751 Local Lodge 1751 Representing mechanics (avionic, inflight services, electricians, power plant mechanics, ground equipment mechanics), customer services (ground services, cargo, cabin services), stores and cafeteria of Air Canada (Quebec and Maritimes). Local Lodge 1751 was established March 08, 1946 and Chartered on January 08, 1947.

Local Lodge 1763 Local Lodge 1763 - Representing workers at Air Canada in the Maritimes.

Automotive Lodge 1857 Automotive Lodge 1857 - We are an Automotive Lodge with members working in dealerships, machine shops, truck body manufacture and radiator building. We are based in the Vancouver area but represent members throughout British Columbia.

Local Lodge 1922 Local Lodge 1922 - Mississauga, ON. Members of our local are employed at Orenda Aerospace as well as the City of Mississauga.

Local Lodge 1975 Local Lodge 1975 - Our Local has been in St. Thomas since May 15, 1958.   It was chartered with 75  members, and currently has about 220 hourly including 10  students working for the summer.

Local Lodge 1953 Local Lodge 1953 - Local Lodge 1953 represents the unionized workers at Motor Coach Industries Limited in Winnipeg, Manitoba. The local is affiliated to District 181

Local Lodge 2323 Local Lodge 2323 The Members of Local Lodge 2323 are employees of Air Canada  in Toronto and Ottawa and Haycot Services Inc. in Toronto.   In our Local Lodge we currently have over 3,500 members, of which approximately 680 are retirees.  Our Local Lodge was chartered on the 1st of January, 1968.

Local Lodge 2413 Local Lodge 2413 - Mississsauga, Ontario
On March 10, 1970, the IAM granted a charter to Local 2413. The original 55 members developed the fledgling Local Lodge into a force which now represents aviation workers, transportation workers and workers in the manufacturing sector, building a cohesive force which has gained a reputation as a fighting force for decent working conditions and equitable pay for its members.

Local Lodge 2468 Local Lodge 2468 Representing Rolls Royce and Siemens workers in Montreal.

Local Lodge 2583 Local Lodge 2583 located in Calgary, Alberta

Local Lodge 2603 Local Lodge 2603 Representing Air Canada's Finance Branch, Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Local Lodge 2734 Local Lodge 2734 Located in Calgary, Alberta

Local Lodge 2797 Local Lodge 2797 - Enfield, Nova Scotia

Local Lodge 2921 Local Lodge 2921 - Representing Airport Screening Officers at the Toronto airports

Local Lodge 2922 Local Lodge 2922 - Representing workers at Fabrene in North Bay