Help Prevent Cervical Cancer

The Pearl of Wisdom campaign supports programs to prevent cervical cancer.
Almost every case of cervical cancer can be prevented through programs using the Pap test, the HPV test, and the HPV vaccine. But many women around the world don’t know about or have access to these tools. As a result, 500,000 women develop cervical cancer and almost 300,000 die of cervical cancer – every year.
The Pearl of Wisdom Campaign to Prevent Cervical Cancer is a united, global effort to raise awareness of the opportunities now available to prevent cervical cancer. Our campaign reaches women, healthcare providers, policymakers, health advocates, and the media.
We recognize that by working together, we can more effectively:

  • Raise awareness of the tools available for preventing cervical cancer
  • Encourage women to take full advantage of these tools
  • Advocate for the implementation of these tools for girls and women everywhere.
  • Join us, starting now, as we work together to prevent this unnecessary disease and death.