Equal Pay Day • April 9 • TAKE ACTION!

Equal Pay Day • April 9 • TAKE ACTION!

In Ontario, women are “in the red” because they continue to earn on average 28 percent less than men for work of equal value. This wage gap is even more stark for racialized women, women with disabilities and Aboriginal women.

The Ontario Federation of Labour is working with the Ontario Equal Pay Coalition to change that. We are raising awareness about wage unfairness by organizing actions across the province around Equal Pay Day and inviting workers to wear red. This includes an event at noon at Queen's Park on April 9, 2013, where we will be calling on Premier Kathleen Wynne to officially declare it "Equal Pay Day".

MPPs will be encouraged to show support by wearing red. Together, let's convince the Premier that the pay gap is unjust and action must be taken to close it. You can help promote Equal Pay Day in your workplace by holding creative, fun and informative activities. Tell us about your planned activities. Send us pictures for our website www.fairontario.ca. Together we can make the change!


  • Visit the Campaign website www.fairontario.ca. Download information and add your information to the activist list.
  • Send a message to the Premier with a copy to your MPP from the website to officially declare "Equal Pay Day" as an annual event.


  • Plan an event in your community. For example, organize a lunch with co-workers or a potluck dinner on April 9 to watch some of the videos posted on the Equal Pay Coalition website.
  • Organize a delegation to meet with your local MPP to talk about the issue of pay equity enforcement and funding. Ask them to show their support at Queen's Park by wearing red.
  • Ask your local union to endorse Equal Pay Day and post a message to their website.
  • If you plan an event, large or small, add your event on the EPC website to show that you're part of the movement!
  • Add your event to the OFL website “We Are Ontario” at: www.weareontario.ca. Let folks inyour union and region know what you’re doing.


  • Invite all of your friends to join the Equal Pay Day campaign www.fairontario.ca .
  • If you’re on Twitter, Facebook or Tumblr: Share information across Equal Pay Day and about the day and about your event. Post relevant news stories, quotes and videos about what inspires you to take action and rise.
  • Tweet and retweet using the hashtag #EqualPayDay.
  • Check out the Facebook page for events in your community and show support by liking, sharing, adding commentary or posting your own event.
  • Change your profile picture to the Equal Pay Day avatar.


  • Download and share the Equal Pay Day logo and backgrounders.
  • Contact the local press to share details about your event.
  • Write a letter to the editor of your local paper about the importance