Employer efforts backfire in organizing victory for IAM

Employer efforts backfire in organizing victory for IAM

Wednesday November 8, 2017

For Immediate Release

Maple Ridge, BC – Efforts by the management of Innovative Parts and Solutions to stop an organizing drive by the IAM has backfired.

“One hour prior to the vote, the employer promised a wage increase and assured no one would be terminated if they voted no,” explained IAM District Lodge 250 Business Representative Al Cyr. “I made a point of advising the employees prior to the vote of the anti-union tactics the employer would use. I also made it clear it was important for the employees who signed cards that they needed to vote yes.”

The main reason the employees were seeking representation was the unfair treatment they had received from the General Manager who had after the certification of the bargaining unit, cancelled their Christmas party and changed the locks at the workplace.

“This was a very quick campaign and these workers were very determined to join our union,” said Cyr. “The employer representative was fairly friendly at the start of the vote because he assumed the vote would go their way. However his mood changed considerably as the votes were being counted and it was clear the union would win. The next step is to select a bargaining committee and begin negotiations for the first collective agreement.”

The 12 newest members of IAM Local Lodge 692 are machinists and welder/fabricators. Innovative Parts and Solutions manufactures and distributes a wide variety of products for the railway industry including custom rail machining and bending devices, derailers, wheel chocks, rail carts, wheels, axles, maintenance of way equipment and coloured octagonal lights.




For further information:
Al Cyr – IAM District Lodge 250 Business Representative
Bill Trbovich – IAM Director of Communications
416-386-1789 Ext#31/416-735-9765