District 140 Convention

District 140 Convention

Transportation District Lodge 140 recently held their annual convention in Whistler, BC.

President and Directing General Chairperson, Chuck Atkinson, and Secretary Treasurer, Randy Smith, ran a great convention where over 50 delegates and 18 guests attended.

The two day event held an election of one new Vice president, 3 trustees, and 5 Board members to the Executive Board as follows:

Vice President – Marcel St-Jean, Trustees – Andrew MacFarlane, Lou Pagrach, Lorne Hammerberg, Members – Alain Boucher, Frank Nardone, Steve O’Hara, Ed Aronyk, Chris Hiscock.

As well the delegates dealt with the finances of the District and reviewed bylaw changes submitted by the membership.

There were two presentations made to the delegates on the state of the Aviation and Transportation economy in Canada and around the world, so that they could use the information to better understand the environment they work in and better deal with bargaining agendas.

We wish the new Executive great success in the future.

(left to right)  Ed Aronyk, Wes Stratichuk, Grant Hornsby and Clayton Lindstrom from IAMAW Local Lodge 1681
presented IAMAW Canadian GVP Dave Ritchie with a cheque of $15,000 for the 2012 IAMAW Grand Lodge convention.

Chris Hiscock, President of IAMAW Local Lodge 764 presents IAMAW Canadian GVP Dave Ritchie with a cheque of $39,180 for the 2012 Convention Host Committee. The IAMAW 2012 Grand Lodge Convention will be held in Toronto.

Delegates at the IAMAW District Lodge 140 convention, October 25-26, 2010 in Whistler BC elected a new Executive Board.
(from left to right) Alain Boucher, Ed Aronyk, Randy Smith, Chris Hiscock, Andrew MacFarlane, Chuck Atkinson, Steve O’Hara, Marcel St-Jean, Lou Pagrach, Lorne Hammerberg, Canadian GVP Dave Ritchie, Frank Nardone