Deceptive domain name renewal notices

Hello all,

IAM members who have registered domains are being sent this warning. It looks like more and more of people are falling for Domain Registry of Canada scam.

Please be aware of DECEPTIVE DOMAIN NAME RENEWAL INVOICES. These can arrive by postal mail, fax, or email and look like an official invoice. Some appear like official government notices like your tax notices appear. These invoices indicate that your domain name must be renewed and contains your correct contact information and domain name information. While the service that is being sold is usually legitimate (your domain name is being renewed) the deception lies in the fact that you are authorizing a transfer to a different registrar – often at higher prices than your current registrar.

One of the worst offenders is a company calling itself Domain Registry of Canada/America (DROC / DROA), AKA: Internet Registry of Canada/America (IROC/IROA). This company is currently using a new tactic — FAX notices.

These faxes have been reported in the Toronto area with the heading title of “INTERNET NOTIFICATION CENTER”.  To learn more about DROC/DROA you can Google the full name within quotations (ie: “domain registry of canada”).

We have found that some larger organizations, where one person pays invoices and another administers the website, tend to fall prey to such domain renewal scams. Please share this notice with others in your organization so that deceptive invoices are not unintentionally paid.

Please be aware of this scam, as well as ones like this.

If you have any questions, please contact:
Frank Saptel
Communications Representative
IAMAW Canada
416.386.1789 x6325