Contract flip at Pearson brings new members back to the IAM

Contract flip at Pearson brings new members back to the IAM

Wednesday May 15, 2019


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Toronto, ON – A contract flip to Menzies Aviation at Toronto’s Pearson International Airport to provide above and below the wing services to Sunwing Airlines has brought more than 260 new members back to the IAM.

The IAM holds the legal representational rights as established and recognized by the Canadian Industrial Relations Board or CIRB. “The IAM Local 2413 proudly represented all Menzies above and below the wing workers in the early 2000’s when Menzies purchased and took over the business from Ogden Aviation. I was the President of Local 2413 during that time. Menzies serviced a number of different airlines, had a good collective agreement and the members were very well represented,” explained IAM Transportation District Lodge 140 General Chairperson Michael Corrado.

“The good news for these workers is that they will once again have representation from the largest union at this airport. Furthermore, most all of these new members will receive a wage increase over what they were earning at their previous employer who serviced Sunwing. They also have access to good group insurance benefits with Menzies and we are finalizing a collective agreement that will provide them with additional benefits,” said Corrado.

In the past, contract flips encouraged by the airlines or the Greater Toronto Airport Authority (GTAA) have resulted in workers losing not only their pensions, benefits and seniority but also faced with applying to a new employer to do the same job but at drastically reduced wage.

“The IAM has put much pressure on the GTAA over the past few years to better manage contract flips and provide workers with wage continuation or better wages when there is a change in operators or service providers. Thus far, our hard work has paid off as the new trend seems to be providing workers with wage increases when contracts are flipped. This is truly groundbreaking at Toronto Pearson International Airport as it raises the floor of wages for workers and reverses the race to the bottom,” said an emphatic Corrado.

The newest members of IAM Local Lodge 2413 consist of passenger service agents, leads, groomers, ramp workers, water truck drivers and towing agents.

The IAM is the largest union at Pearson International and the largest union in Canada’s air transport sector.


For further information:
Michael Corrado – IAM Transportation District Lodge 140 General Chairperson
Bill Trbovich – IAM Director of Communications
416-386-1789 Ext #31/416-735-9765