Concessions Increased in Sault Dealership Lockout!

For Immediate Release
Sault Ste. Marie, ON – Concession demands have increased in the latest offer from the three auto dealerships who have locked out members of IAMAW Local Lodge 2332 on December 21, 2009.
“If anything the attitude of the employer has become worse with time,” said a disgusted Rob Thompson IAMAW Directing Business Representative. “Now they want to reduce the pension contribution for the lowest paid employees by forty cents per hour and their wage offers are not uniform across the pay scale.” Superior Dog Chrysler, Highland Ford and Prouse Motors locked out 39 mechanics, paint shop workers, body men, parts department staff, apprentices, general helpers and clerical staff, members of IAMAW Local Lodge 2332, for refusing to sign a new collective agreement. “This lockout has entered its 74th day and it’s clear, the employer doesn’t care about the welfare of the workers or professional collective bargaining,” said Thompson.
This is in marked contrast to the situation at another auto dealership in the Steel City, Maitland Motors. IAMAW members of the same local lodge signed a three-year agreement which provides a new dental plan and an improved pension contribution schedule. “It’s refreshing that we could negotiate with this dealership and make improvements without resorting to a lockout,” said Thompson. “Our demands of the two groups were quite similar; the one glaring difference is the attitude of the management of Superior Dodge Chrysler, Highland Ford and Prouse Motors. They don’t want to negotiate, they want to dictate and this latest offer is a classic example.”
The IAMAW represents mechanics, body men, and general helpers and parts personnel at five dealerships in the Sault.