Dewar calls on Harper to enforce legislation to protect Aveos jobs

Toronto – NDP leadership candidate Paul Dewar is calling on the
Harper government to enforce the Air Canada Act so that the jobs of over
2,500 Aveos workers in Montreal, Winnipeg and Vancouver can be saved.

“Mr. Harper must enforce the Air Canada Act and make sure that
maintenance of the Air Canada fleet is done in Canada and the jobs of
over 2,500 workers are preserved,” said Dewar. "The loss of these high
quality, skilled jobs, has a devastating affect on the workers their
families and the communities."

1,785 highly skilled workers in Montreal, 412 in Winnipeg and 356 in
Vancouver were laid off yesterday due to Air Canada's decision to delay
its maintenance schedule.

Air Canada, which sold it’s maintenance unit to Aveos in 2007 is
obliged under the Air Canada Act to have work performed at facilities in
Winnipeg, Mississauga and Montreal.

"Mr. Harper has been missing in action and has repeatedly failed to
act as Canadian jobs were out sourced to low wage jurisdictions,” said
Dewar. "Mr. Harper's inaction cost hundreds of jobs in London, Ontario.
Now he has a clear and legal responsibility to save these Canadian

Air Canada has moved maintenance of landing gear and engines out of
Aveos plants and is subcontracting work to Chinese and other maintenance