How privatization gouges customers at Canada Post

Yes, Virginia, there is postal free enterprise. For Canadians using some franchised postal outlets, it’s appallingly free (and very expensive).

Thanks to a very interesting e-mail making the rounds, Canadians are finding out about this price gouging.

Most of us get the published Canada Post rates when we go to the Post Office for stamps. But how about those who use franchisees? Here’s one story worth repeating:

A customer went to Canada Post with a package with the knowledge that she could also buy postage for an identical-weight second package to be sent in a week’s time.

The cost at the Post Office: $11.74

One week later she took the identical second package to a Shopper’s Drug Mart franchisee for mailing, only to be told by the clerk that there was insufficient postage!

The cost at Shopper’s: $11.74 and $6 in additional postage or $17.74 total.

After a few choice words with the clerk, the customer retrieved her package and prepared to raise hell at the Post Office. But much to her surprise, the Canada Post clerk simply weighed her package and put it in the mail bag.

Postage amount right? “Yup, no problem.”

Our customer, still dazed and confused, turned to Canada Post for an explanation. Here’s what she was told, in part: “Only Canada Post Depots and Corporate Post Offices are obligated to follow the price of stamps and postal products that are legislated by Canada Post. Any commercial and private establishment may charge extra fees as a convenience to their customers.”

And, of course, the concluding kicker: “We suggest visiting a Corporate Canada Post Office in order to avoid paying additional service charges that corner stores or other establishments may implement on their products.”

And for the many who may be in a location only served by a franchisee? Hey, that’s free enterprise, too, and, for sure, let the buyer beware.

FROM: The Congress of Union Retirees