Political Action

The Conservative Cookbook - Recipe for a Scheer Disaster.

By Derek Ferguson, GLR, Political Action Tired of hearing about the economy doing well for the rich, but not seeing the benefits for your family? If you follow this simple recipe Andrew Sheer’s conservatives will make life harder for you –they will cut services – in the same ruthless way Doug Ford’s Conservatives are decimating Ontario. Ingredients – Throw in six or possibly seven Conservative Provincial leaders into the mix

Manitoba Elections

By Derek Ferguson, Special Representative, Political Action On September 10th Manitoba voters have to decision to make. Have they benefitted under the current Pallister conservative government, or will the NDP, led by Wab Kinew, be the better choice for them and their families? Since coming into power in 2016, the Pallister conservatives have made life more difficult for ordinary people in Manitoba, they have created a health care crisis, resulting

Wins and Losses in Manitoba’s Bargaining Unit Reorganization: Who stands to lose the most?

By Ivana Saula IAM Canadian Research Director A vote set to take place over the summer, more precisely August; a month when most people take vacations, take time to relax, disconnect from work and reconnect with friends, family, and nature. A month for some well-deserved down time. It’s also the month that unions in Manitoba came under direct attack from Pallister’s PC government. If the strategy is taken out of

Are tax cuts benefiting you?

By Derek Ferguson Across the country, people are having a harder and harder time keeping up. They hear about the economy doing well for the rich, but they’re not seeing the benefits for their families. The recent corporate tax cuts delivered by Jason Kenney’s UCP government in Alberta have already added more than $2 billion to the profits of the major oil companies, while at the same time Kenney’s government

The Top Three Election Issues That Should Matter to You!

In 2019, more Canadians will be voting on issues that matter to their lives and those around them. Workers have always had a difficult time when their elected representatives refuse to keep their promises. Elections are a way of reassessing the work of those we elected, and to makes changes in who represents us. Before you vote on 21 October, 2019, please think about these issues and how they affect

Why Pharmacare?

By Derek Ferguson, GLR, Political Action In February 2019, in conjunction with the Canadian Labour Congress (CLC), seventy-five IAMAW political action activists travelled to Ottawa to lobby Parliament on issues important to our membership including the need for a public, national pharmacare program. On June 12, 2019, the Advisory Council on the Implementation of National Pharmacare released its final report, A Prescription for Canada: Achieving Pharmacare for All. The Advisory

Federal Election 2019

What do you want your Canada to look Like? The federal election is scheduled to take place on or before Monday October 21, 2019, all political parties will have the message that they are the best choice for Canada, and will be looking for your vote. This upcoming election is especially important for working Canadians; our votes can either stop or continue the total the adverse cuts to key social

IAM CATSA lobby reaps dividends in House Question Period!

Ottawa, ON – Less than a week after IAM lobby seeking changes to the CATSA Dispute Resolution Process, the Liberal government came under fire in the House of Commons question period asking for those changes. The Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA) legislation subjects airport screening officers across Canada to an unfair Dispute Resolution Process that is arbitrary and infringes on the most basic of principles in labour relations –

IAM Screeners lobby for change to Dispute Resolution

Tuesday May 28, 2019 For Immediate Release Ottawa, ON – Airport Security Screeners from British Columbia and Toronto gathered in Ottawa to lobby for changes to the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA) legislation. Across Canada, Screening Officers are subject to an unfair Dispute Resolution Process that is arbitrary and infringes on the most basic of principles in labour relations – the right to appeal and the right of unionized workers