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Sandro Sperduti – IAMAW Member 1973-2011

Sandro (right) was an avid golfer and a big supporter of the Dave Ritchie Guide Dogs tournament held each year in Toronto. He is seen here with LL 2413 Secretary Treasurer Stan Theofilaktidis. Sandro Sperduti had a passion for painting and motorcycles. He was a devoted grandfather, a great cook and one tough negotiator. Sandro (Sandi) Sperduti, IAMAW District Lodge 140 General Chairperson, passed away suddenly on Monday November 21,

E-mail your MP: Keep the Gun Registry

The Conservative government has tabled legislation that will end the National long-gun registry. The registry was created as part of a response to public pressure, particularly through women, to strengthen gun control legislation following the tragic events at the École Polytechnique, December 6, 1989. There has been a substantial decline in the number of homicides, domestic violence incidents and suicides using rifles and shotguns since the registry was implemented. Law

Wisconsin Machinist Releases Collection of Labour Songs

In addition to rejuvenating the American Labour Movement, the struggle to restore collective bargaining rights in Wisconsin is now the inspiration for a newly-released collection of labor songs by Milwaukee, WI Local 66 member Joe ‘Pepe’ Oulahan. “I’ve always admired the troubadours of the 40’s and 50’s such as Joe Hill, Woody Gutherie, and Pete Seeger,” said Oulahan. “These folk singers wrote and played songs of the struggles of working

Canada Pension Plan – The Fight Isn’t Over

Most Canadians depend on public pensions – Old Age Security, the Canada/Quebec Pension Plan and Guaranteed Income Supplement – to provide for their basic needs in retirement.  Unfortunately, public pensions currently barely bring most older Canadians up to the poverty level.  A large proportion (over a third) of seniors have no significant additional retirement income, from workplace pensions or RRSPs and other savings. As employers cut back on workplace pension

The Big Bite – RRSP/Mutual Fund Fees

Many Canadians invest their retirement and other savings in mutual funds, frequently on the advice of “financial advisors”/mutual fund salespersons.   Remarkably, a lot of these Canadians don’t know how much they are paying in fees, and even more important, how big a bite even seemingly small annual fees can take out of their savings.  Canadian mutual funds charge the highest fees of any advanced country. Over the 30 or more

Jack Layton (1950-2011)

  The Machinists Union mourns the passing of Jack Layton. Jack was Leader of Canada’s New Democrats and of Canada’s Official Opposition. He was 61 years old. Jack’s vision and his tireless energy transformed the NDP into Canada’s official opposition. He was someone who believed in social democracy and spent his whole life bringing that message to Canadians. It is a sad day for Canadians and democracy that this great

The answer to reducing workplace injuries is already written

Sometimes we can’t see the forest because of the trees. As employee workplace safety representatives we are always looking to reduce injuries, accidents and illnesses to our members.  After all it’s our job and we are expected to find the root cause. Employers are legally required to answer every accident investigation, usually the same day just to be compliant.  They need to put something down on the report.  Do we

Orenda Family Day!

Orenda in the is the name of an Iroquois god, loosely translated it means ‘source of power’ and a somewhat appropriate name for a jet engine as well as the name of the company that builds jet engines. There has only been powered flight in this country since 1908 and for over six decades, Orenda Aerospace has been at the forefront of jet propulsion in Canada and around the world.

Finning in BC on STRIKE!!

23/6/2011 – Machinists Strike Finning for the First time in BC! Members of IAMAW Local Lodge 692 set up picket lines at 25 Finning International locations across British Columbia late Wednesday afternoon after the employer refused to improve its final contract offer. (Left to right) LL 692 member Glen Olafson receives his strike information from IAMAW District Lodge 250 Directing Business Representative Stan Pickthall IAMAW Local Lodge 692 bargaining team