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Edmonton Machinist Receives Wall of Fame Award!

Edmonton, AB – IAMAW Local Lodge 99 member Len Loza was the recipient of the Edmonton and District Labour Council ‘Wall of Fame’ award. Len is a 43-year member of the local during which time he has served as Vice President, Recording Secretary, and Secretary Treasurer. He currently serves as the chief shop steward at the Finning International shop in Edmonton. The award was presented to Len for his years

IMAGNEZ (Dave Ritchie)

  IMAGINEDave Ritchie, General Vice-President, IAMAW Canada Vidéo #23 – Soins de santé Vidéo #22 – D’abordabilité Vidéo #21 – Des emplois Vidéo #20 – Garde d’enfants Vidéo #19 – Assurance-maladie Vidéo #18 – L’Environnement Vidéo #17 – Les travailleurs et travailleuses Vidéo #16 – CONFIANCE Vidéo #15 – Les corporations Vidéo #14 – Les personnes âgées Vidéo #13 – LE ROI DU MÉPRIS Vidéo #12 – ARROGANCE Vidéo #11

IAM Election Video #24 - IMAGINE (Dave Ritchie)

  IMAGINE – Dave Ritchie, General Vice-President, IAMAW Canada Video #23 – Healthcare Video #22 – Affordability Video #21 – JOBS Video #20 – CHILDCARE Video #19 – MEDICARE Video #18 – THE ENVIRONMENT Vdeo #17 – WORKERS Vdeo #16 – TRUST Vdeo #15 – CORPORATIONS Video #14 – Seniors 2 Video #13 – KING OF CONTEMPT Video #12 – ARROGANCE Video #11 – Harper – Unfit to Govern! Video

Day of Mourning, April 28, 2011

Each year the Machinist Union joins with Labour Nationally and Labour accredited Health and Safety agencies nation wide in the effort to remember those tragically killed or maimed in the course of employment and, just as importantly, to continue to highlight the carnage and personal loss created by workplace accidents and disease. These efforts are critical to enhancing public awareness for our collective efforts to save lives and protect workers

Questions to ask leaders and candidates in this election

Good day to all.  You will find below the question Local Lodge 1751 would like you to send to the media for the “Leaders’ Debate”: “Air Canada has sold all of its Overhaul Centres in Canada, which contravenes the Air Canada Public Participation Act.  This will cause the loss of 4,500 direct jobs and more than 23,000 indirect jobs in Canada.  What will you do to reinforce the Act and

Surprise Gesture Marks Raffle to Benefit 2012 Convention

Thu. March 31, 2011 IAM/TCU President Bob Scardelletti holds up his winning ticket in the drawing for a 2012 Bombardier Can-Am Roadster. Scardelletti then donated the three-wheeled motorcycle back to the Grand Lodge Host Committee to be raffled off again. More than 300 delegates and guests at the 2011 MNPL Planning Committee Meeting in Albuquerque, NM held their breath as IAM President Tom Buffenbarger called out the winning number in

International Day for the Elimination of Racism

It is yet another work day. For the 17 million members that make up our workforce it will be another day at work — like the many before and the many ahead…if you have a job. For nearly 20% of our workforce, namely the racialized workers, today is very significant. Today represents another day in our on-going struggle to end racism in our workplaces, community, and country. The Canadian Labour

The Quebec Budget and Pensions: A Disappointment

The Quebec Provincial Budget for 2011/2012 includes a section entitled “A Stronger Retirement Income System – Meeting the Expectations of Quebecers of Every Generation”. The content of the Liberal Government’s proposals doesn’t live up to the title. Employee and employer contributions to the Quebec Pension Plan (QPP) will be increased over a 6 year period to a rate of 10.8% of covered earnings (5.4% from each side, compared to the