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DL140 2019 Annual Convention – Victoria, B.C. OCTOBER 28th & 29th, 2019

TO ALL LOCALS OF DISTRICT LODGE 140 ****REVISED**** 2019 ANNUAL CONVENTION – BRITISH COLUMBIA OCTOBER 28th & 29th, 2019 Dear Brothers and Sisters: Please be advised that Transportation District 140 will hold its 2019 Annual Convention on Monday, October 28th, 2019 and Tuesday, October 29th, 2019. The convention will take place at: The Hotel Grand Pacific 463 Belleville Street Victoria, BC, Canada V8V 1X3 The purpose of this Bulletin is

Keewatin Pilots Happy with New Contract – Ratify with 84%

Tuesday 02 July, 2019 For Immediate Release Pilots at Keewatin Air have ratified a new contract with the employer. The vote saw an 84% support from the members of IAM Local Lodge224 in Winnipeg, MB. The 50 pilots who joined the IAM in January 2014, have now grown to sixty-eight. A slew of improvements to the Collective Bargaining Agreement include, a shorter bonding period, increased mileage remuneration, added clothing allowances

Multi-tasking at Moduline makes things happen!

Penticton, BC – Members of the IAM manufacturer a variety of unique products across North America, perhaps one of the most unique operations we represent is Moduline Homes in Penticton, British Columbia. As the name implies, the homes are modular, you pick the design and our members build it from the floor up. Based on the automotive assembly line principle, houses begin with a floor and everything else is added

Arbitrator boosts wages for IAM Menzies members at Pearson!

Wednesday June 26, 2019   For Immediate Release   Toronto, ON – Members of IAM Local Lodge 2413 employed at Menzies Aviation have a new collective agreement with significant wage increases thanks to an arbitration award handed down June 21, 2019. “The union did achieve some major advancement that will absolutely raise the floor for IAM members at Menzies as well as significantly raising the floor for airport workers at

Aerospace Career off to a good start!

Richmond, BC – Another IAM Local Lodge 764 apprenticeship graduate at MTU Canada. Attached at work on the new V2500 Engine Program is recently graduated Component Mechanic Apprentice Brother William Hooley, he completed his Apprenticeship 22 April 2019. Share/PartagezFacebookTwitterPrintemail

Raise the profile of the IAM – that’s your job

Las Vegas, NV – “Our job as Communicators is to raise the profile of the IAM, to put our efforts and successes in front of our members and the public at every opportunity,” said IAM Canadian General Vice President Stan Pickthall. Speaking to more than 170 delegates attending the 2019 IAM Communications Conference last week, Pickthall added, “Our job as Communicators is to reach out to our members at every

Canada well represented at 2019 IAM Communications Awards

Las Vegas, NV – Canada took home its fair share of awards from the 2019 IAM Communications Conference. Benoit Blanchette of IAM Local Lodge 869 took home first prize in the Social Media Facebook Page category and took second place for best layout and design in the website category.     From left to right – IAM Director of Communications Bob Wood, IAM Canadian GVP Stan Pickthall accepting the awards

IAM bolsters the picket line of striking Rainforest Café workers!

Niagara Falls, ON – Patrons of the Rain Forest Café got more than their lunch over the weekend with a surprise visit by more than 100 IAM members of the Ontario Provincial Council of Machinists. The OPCM members marched through the restaurant in support of striking members of the Workers United Canada.   The OPCM invited the workers to attend their convention in Niagara Falls. Workers United representatives spoke to

100th Anniversary of the Winnipeg General Strike

Winnipeg, MB – Over the weekend, organized labour in Canada celebrated the 100th anniversary of the 1919 Winnipeg General Strike. The Immediate post-World War 1 period in Canada was not a time of peace. Soldiers returned home wanting jobs and a normal lifestyle again, only to find factories shutting down and soaring unemployment. Corporate profiteering fed inflation and a high cost of living. Poor factory working conditions caused worker unrest.

Nothing is as it appears!

Vancouver, BC – “We would like to believe that we have achieved some level of inclusion in our workplaces, but that simply isn’t true,” said IAM District Lodge 250 Directing Business Representative Walter Gerlach. “When representatives of BC Centre for Women in the Trades (BCCWITT) made their presentation to our delegates meeting earlier this month, they certainly opened a lot of eyes and minds.” BCCWITT is a two-year pilot project