Health & Safety

Passing of IAM member

April 1, 2021 To: All IAM Members Subject: IAM Canada mourns loss of IAM Local 99 member Dear Members and Activists, On April 1, 2021, our membership suffered a tragic loss. Two IAM members were injured on the job at a Finning location in Edmonton, AB yesterday while on the job. Tragically, one of them passed away this morning in hospital. I understand this message may be difficult to process.

Questions about vaccines and vaccinations

Sisters and Brothers: It has now been one year since there was a worldwide pandemic call respecting COVID-19. In that context, there has been a great deal in the news over recent weeks about the availability of vaccines. We now know there are four (4) separate vaccines that will be made available to the public as vaccine rollout occurs across Canada. This has led to a number of questions being

Do the right thing: Paid Sick Days Now!

As the crisis that ensued from the pandemic continues, there’s another one that’s raging- unavailability of paid sick days. Workers, unions, advocates, small business owners, and health experts are all united in their calls on provincial governments to act responsibly and finally take all precautions to protect public health; implement paid sick days. Yet, despite a yearlong lobby effort, no action has been taken. The pandemic has plagued our communities

Mental Health: National Women’s Committee Lays the Groundwork for Resources

IAM Sisters, once again, have taken on a much needed, and important task- addressing the toll of the pandemic on mental health. With many of our members coping with changes in their workplaces and lives, the daily grind leaves little time to address depleted energy reservoirs and self-care. Mental health is generally a topic that can be taboo, and receives little attention, but it’s not a topic IAM Sisters shy

New Workplace Harassment and Violence Regime for Federally Regulated Workplaces

As of January 1, 2021, a new standalone Workplace Harassment and Violence Prevention Regulations will take effect, and replace Part XX of the Canada Occupational Health and Safety Regulations. The new regulations will apply to both workplace violence and sexual harassment under Part II of the Canada Labour Code. Under this regime employers will have added obligations and will be required to do the following; Develop a workplace violence prevention

Federal Government Extends COVID-19 Related Leaves

As a way of streamlining the extension of the number of weeks for eligibility for the Canadian Emergency Response Benefit (CERB), the federal government announced it would also extend COVID-19 related leaves. Eligibility for CERB was extended from 16 to 24 weeks, which is now mirrored in COVID-19 related leaves in federally regulated workplaces. The goal of CERB was to stabilize the economy and provide an income for workers who

Senate Report Acknowledges Importance of PSWs in the Healthcare System

The Standing Senate Committee on Social Affairs, Science and Technology recently published an interim report evaluating the federal government’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The report examined several areas, such as the healthcare system, Canada’s ability to manufacture medical equipment, the impact of the pandemic on frontline workers, migrant workers, children and youth, as well as, people living with mental health conditions. Given the tragic events in long term care,

Lack of PSWs Related to Canada’s Death Rate in LTC Being Highest Amongst 16 OECD Countries

The Canadian Institute of Health Information (CIHI) recently released a comparative study of long-term care across 16 OECD countries, (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development), with clear findings that Canada’s long-term care system fared worse than most. This study is yet another indicator of the magnitude of the crisis in long term care. Perhaps most concerning is that Canada’s death rate in long term care facilities was the highest amongst