Garda Screening Point Managers can join the IAM

Toronto, ON – The Canada Industrial Relations Board has told Garda Security Screening Inc. that its Screening Point Managers (SPM’s) at Toronto’s Pearson International Airport have the right to join the IAM. The decision stems from unfair labour practices filed with the board against Garda by IAM Transportation District Lodge 140 last month. The board also ordered Garda to reinstate IAM Transportation District Lodge 140 General Chairperson Barrington Burnett who

IAM Aerospace Workers Reply to the Judgement of the U.S. Department of Commerce

For immediate release Montreal, October 16th, 2017 Judgement of the U.S. Department of Commerce: Aerospace workers reply Montreal – Following the imposition of a countervailing duty of 220% and an anti-dumping duty of 79.82% by the U.S. Department of Commerce, the Machinists Union (IAMAW) has replied by launching a communications campaign aimed at raising awareness and mobilizing the general public. “We are facing measures that are dangerous for the stability

‘End Workers Pension Theft’ road show kicks off in Halifax!

Halifax, NS – True to his word, Federal NDP Pension critic Scott Duvall is taking his message about stopping legalized theft of workers’ pensions, across the country. Last night in Halifax he told an audience of workers from various unions including the IAM, “The pensions earned by workers are deferred wages, plain and simple,” he explained. IAM members meet with Scott Duvall in Halifax Paul Benoit, Gwyen Russell, Ken Russell,

Celebrate Women's History Month - October

October is Women’s History Month in Canada! It’s a time for Canadians to celebrate the achievements of women and girls throughout our history and recognize the trailblazing women who have shaped our country and way of life. Make your mark When women and girls bring their passion, energy and talents to everything they do, there is no stopping them! Looking back over the past 150 years since Confederation, countless women

IAM outraged by decision to impose countervailing duties on sales of C Series

Wednesday September 27, 2017 For Immediate Release Toronto, On – The International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers – IAM – is   outraged at yesterday’s decision to impose a 220% countervailing duty on Bombardier C-Series aircraft. “This is an absolutely wrong-headed and protectionist decision by the U.S. Department of Commerce,” said IAM Canadian General Vice President Stan Pickthall. “The Boeing Corporation launched this action earlier this year over a contract

Myanmar: Crisis Must be Resolved Peacefully and According to International Law

15 September 2017 The ITUC has expressed grave concern over the fate of more than 300,000 stateless “Rohingya” people who have fled Myanmar into neighbouring Bangladesh in the face of violent clashes between Myanmar security forces and militants. United Nations Human Rights High Commissioner Zeid Ra‘ad al-Hussein has described the situation as a “textbook example of ethnic cleansing”. “For decades, the international community stood with those in Myanmar who opposed

Pensions – The money belongs to the workers not the companies!

Hamilton, ON – The federal NDP Pension Critic, Scott Duvall – Hamilton Mountain MP – announced he will introduce a private member’s bill this fall to protect workers’ pensions when their employer is allowed to restructure their financial affairs under the Company Creditors Arrangement Act. “The pensions earned by workers are deferred wages, plain and simple, explained Duvall. “Diverting, withholding or seizing those funds should be illegal. The current system

Why Pharmacare?

SIGN THE PETITION Canada’s unions are proud that we’ve won health insurance coverage for many of our members. But we believe anyone with a health card should have coverage for the medicines they need. That’s why we’re working to win a universal prescription drug plan that covers everyone in Canada, regardless of their income, age or where they work or live. The Unfinished Business of Medicare Today, the only place

Open letter on raising the minimum wage

Fifty leading Canadian economists recently published an open letter supporting the decision to increase the minimum wage in Ontario to $15 an hour. This is an excerpt from their statement: Raising the wage floor makes good economic sense. Today, Ontario’s minimum wage is $11.40 per hour. Adjusted for inflation, this is barely one dollar higher than its value in 1977. Yet over the same four decades, the average productivity of

The IAM welcomes the Appointment of prominent Labour Leaders to the NAFTA Advisory Council

As the first round of renegotiations of NAFTA approaches – starting on August 16 – the Liberal Government is adopting a multi-partisan and inclusive approach with the creation of the NAFTA Advisory Council. Former politicians from the entire political spectrum, along with stakeholders will be assisting the Chief Negotiator Minister Chrystia Freeland (Minister of Foreign Affairs) and her team in the challenging renegotiations of NAFTA with the United States and