25 YEARS - Day of Mourning

Day of Mourning, April 28, 2009 “Twenty-fifth Anniversary” This year marks the twenty-fifth anniversary of the National Day of Mourning as proclaimed by the Canadian Labour Congress in 1984. That date coincided with the seventieth anniversary of the first Ontario Worker’s Compensation Act approved by the government. On February 1, 1991, April 28th was subsequently enshrined by Royal Statute as, a ‘Day of Mourning for Person’s Killed or Injured in


RSI Day Life-altering injuries Repetitive strain injury (RSI) or musculosketal disorder (MSD) are umbrella terms used to describe a collection of injuries that affect the muscles, nerves and tendons. Tendonitis, tenosynovitis and carpal tunnel syndrome are some common examples. Common symptoms include aches, pains, tingling, swelling and loss of joint movement and strength in the affected area(s). These symptoms can progress into crippling disorders preventing those affected from working or

Pensions: A tale of two (and a half) commissions - and four provinces (by Louis Erlichman)

For several years before the most recent stock market meltdown, there was already a lot of talk about a pension crisis in Canada. The 2000/01 collapse of the tech market bubble and declining interest rates meant that sponsors of defined benefit pension plans could no longer take the contribution holidays they had gotten used to, and had to make significant pension contributions. Even though pension surpluses were no longer common,

Health and Safety News: MSDS - A FORGOTTEN TOOL

WHMIS or Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System requires Provincial and Federal workplace compliance to its legislation. In our never ending world of Health & Safety acts, codes, legislations, guidelines and standards (lawyers have nothing on us) WHMIS is one of the few regulations that is universally pervasive to provincial and federal workers. Employers must provide WHMIS training to all workers. Inside the WHMIS legislation is the Material Safety Data Sheet

Les mécaniciens, les pauses-café et notre avenir - par Carlos DaCosta

par Carlos DaCosta Les pauses-café permettent de prendre quelques minutes pour se détendre et entamer une conversation avec ses collègues de travail au sujet de choses qui nous préoccupent. Des changements importants dans l’industrie de l’aviation du Canada et des événements mondiaux catastrophiques qui ont eu lieu durant la dernière décennie ont refroidi l’ambiance dans le milieu de travail. Cet article à apparu dans AviNation, printemps 2008 (Téléchargez, PDF) Plusieurs

Workers Training Workers

Is there a better way? The concept for training union members is just that “workers training workers. As a shop steward who trained you, who taught you the collective agreement, who showed you how to fill out a grievance form or how to fulfill your role as a union officer. The answer of course is another union member. As adults and for the most part out of school, where do

Wal-Mart - Just the Facts

Just the facts… Wal-Mart is the largest private employer in the world and the richest company in the world. 5000 stores worldwide in 10 countries. 256 stores across Canada employing over 60,000 employees. 5 of the richest 13 people in the world are members of the Walton family. 28 hours a week is considered fulltime work at Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart’s highest paid executive earns more money in one day than a