Take action on SMS

HAUT Why would Transport Canada introduce a process without ICAO’s regulatory oversight requirement and allow industry to manage safety, and risk the lives of passengers flying on Canadian aircraft without a second layer of oversight. To date Transport Canada has had second thoughts about introducing SMS into the business aviation sector in Canada, citing many excuses for their decision. One of the answers from the IAMAW has been to document

CUPE 2745 goes on Hungry for Fairness strike

HAUT Members of CUPE 2745, the Education Support Staff in New Brunswick, began a five-day hunger strike on Monday, May 24 to bring attention to the lack of fairness and respect they receive from their employer. CUPE 2745 represents nearly 3,300 members who are educational and clerical support staff in New Brunswick schools and School District offices for the Department of Education. Our membership includes Teacher Assistants, School Secretaries/Clerical, Library

Abousfian Abdelrazik: Put the pressure on! Break the silence!

HAUT Project Fly Home invites you to join us over the next six months as we wage an intense campaign focused on three specific demands, which we hope will help move us towards the abolition of the 1267 List and challenge the racist national security agenda as a whole. If this campaign is successful, Mr. Abdelrazik will be able to mark this upcoming one-year of his return with his fundamental

Open Letter to Harper Regarding First Nations University

Open Letter to Harper Regarding First Nations University April 2010 To: The Hon. Stephen Harper Prime Minister of Canada Dear Prime Minister: In June 2008 you did what no prime minister before has been willing to do – offer an apology to former students of Indian residential schools. In that apology you noted that “Two primary objectives of the residential schools system were to remove and isolate children from the

Sign the Safe Skies petition

HAUT New – Sign the Petiton In recent years, Transport Canada has been quietly transferring oversight responsibility and the burden of liability to companies and workers in the aviation industry. This shift has played out while implementing Safety Management Systems (SMS). Link to Share/PartagezFacebookTwitterPrintemail

AVIVA: The value of one, the power of many

HAUT Aviva Traders Canada The value of one. The power of many. IAMAW Group Home & Auto Insurance Program. Discover the difference & start saving today! Take full advantage of your union’s exclusive access to discounted rates for both your home and auto insurance needs. Why choose the Group? In addition to preferred group rates, IAMAW has access to the following products and services: Group buying power with additional discounts

Useful Numbers 2010

HAUT USEFUL NUMBERS: 2010 A. PENSIONS:1.  OLD AGE SECURITY BENEFIT   (Monthly, January/2010)       $516.96    -adjusted quarterly 2.  CANADA/QUEBEC PENSION PLAN (2010)         * Maximum Monthly Retirement Benefit at age 65 $934.17      (Reduction of 6% per year for retirement 60-64,      Increase of 6% per year for retirement 65-70)         * Maximum Monthly Disability Benefit $1,126.76         * Maximum Monthly Survivor Benefit                                           CPP          QPP     

Postcard campaign targets violence against women

OTTAWA – The Canadian Labour Congress is asking Canadians to send 20 postcards in 20 days to the prime minister telling him to take action now to end violence against women. “On December 6th it will be 20 years since 14 young women were murdered in Montreal simply because they were women,” says Barbara Byers, Executive Vice-President of the Canadian Labour Congress. “Ironically, as this anniversary approaches, our government is

Monde des femmes

Women’s Worlds Thème Inclusions, exclusions et réclusions: Vivre dans un monde globalisé Le thème de Mondes des Femmes 2011 est « Inclusions, exclusions et réclusions: Vivre dans un monde globalisé ». Pourquoi? Là où les femmes et la mondialisation sont concernées, beaucoup de questions nous interpellent: La mondialisation est-elle porteuse d’inclusions, d’exclusions ou de réclusions pour les femmes? Comment évoluent les rôles de genre et les identités alors que se

Women's Worlds

Women’s Worlds Theme Inclusions, exclusions, and seclusions: Living in a globalized world The theme of Women’s Worlds 2011 is “Inclusions, exclusions, and seclusions: Living in a globalized world”. Why? Where globalization and women are concerned, provocative questions abound: Does globalization include, exclude, and/or seclude women? As global hierarchies realign, how are gender roles and identities evolving? How are social identifications like power, privilege, citizenship, and nation affected? Ours is an