Working Families Manitoba

Working Families Manitoba is a community campaign of the Manitoba Federation of Labour. Our goals are to raise awareness of things that matter to working people like you – so politicians pay attention and so voters think about these concerns when they cast their ballots on October 4. Share/PartagezFacebookTwitterPrintemail

Useful Numbers 2011

A. PENSIONS: 1. OLD AGE SECURITY BENEFIT          $524.23 (Monthly, January/2010 – adjusted quarterly)    2.  CANADA/QUEBEC PENSION PLAN (2010)       * Maximum Monthly Retirement Benefit at age 65       $960.00       (Reduction of 6% per year for retirement 60-64,       Increase of 6% per year for retirement 65-70)         * Maximum Monthly Disability Benefit $1,153.37       * Maximum Monthly Survivor Benefit                                          CPP          QPP       Under 65           $529.09   $470.98 –

Implement UN Security Council Resolution 1325 - Ensure women’s participation in peace-building

HAUT We have 2 weeks left to impress the UN Security Council with a strong call to end sexual violence in conflict and ensure that women are part of peace talks that affect their lives. Take a stand today:  sign the petition before October 21, urging governments to implement UN Security Council Resolution 1325 that ensures women’s participation in peace-building. In today’s wars, ninety percent of casualties are civilians, and

The Great Pension Debate: Getting Close to the End

HAUT For several years now, there has been an ongoing debate in Canada on how to deal with our two-headed pension “crisis” – the potential and actual loss of pensions and retirement savings as the result of weak markets and low interest rates – and the fact that a large (and growing) number of Canadians face a serious drop in their standard of living in retirement.  The second issue can

Legal Content Sites (downloading movies)

HAUT While there are many websites where consumers can legally view streamed content, there are many illegal downloading/streaming sites. The Motion Picture Association of America and the Canadian Motion Picture Distributors Association have provided a list of sites where you can download/stream movies, TV shows and music. Share/PartagezFacebookTwitterPrintemail

Petition to the House of Commons – “Stolen Sisters”

HAUT WHEREAS: The Native Women’s Association of Canada, as part of their Sisters in Spirit campaign, has identified 520 missing and murdered Aboriginal women whose cases go back to 1970; the equivalent in the whole Canadian population would be 18,000 missing or murdered women. This research has convinced the following Canadians that violence against Aboriginal women must be stopped and that we need to find the strategies, resources and tools

Shameful passing of Columbia-Canada Free-Trade deal

HAUT The Liberals this week closed ranks with the Conservatives in passing legislation that brought two years of vigorous public debate to an end—and finalized a free trade deal alongside a new human rights agreement with Colombia that civil society leaders say lowers the bar on human rights.“This new human rights agreement is empty. It does nothing to repair Canada’s sullied human rights reputation in the world,” said Gerry Barr,

Sign the Declaration of the Voices-Voix Coalition

HAUT Since 2006 the Government of Canada has systematically undermined democratic institutions and practices, and has eroded the protection of free speech, and other fundamental human rights. It has deliberately set out to silence the voices of organizations or individuals who raise concerns about government policies or disagree with government positions. SIGN HERE Share/PartagezFacebookTwitterPrintemail

Deceptive domain name renewal notices

Hello all, IAM members who have registered domains are being sent this warning. It looks like more and more of people are falling for Domain Registry of Canada scam. Please be aware of DECEPTIVE DOMAIN NAME RENEWAL INVOICES. These can arrive by postal mail, fax, or email and look like an official invoice. Some appear like official government notices like your tax notices appear. These invoices indicate that your domain