Organizing through Communicating

Austin, TEX – The better a union communicates with the unorganized, the better its chances of growing. That idea was hammered home during the second day of the 2017 IAM Communications Conference in Austin, Texas. A panel of communicators revealed their best communication tools for organizing. The fact that surprised a lot of delegates was that 96 per cent of text messages are read! Canadian Communications Representative Frank Saptel supported

Babineaux bids communicators farewell!

Austin, Tex – Outgoing IAM General Vice President Dianne Babineaux gave her final address to IAM Communicators this morning at the 2017 IAM Communications Conference. She told the 125 delegates, including 20 from Canada, that all of them are a big part of the Union’s success. “It will be tough to retire but I see only great things ahead from all of you,” she said. Adding to the conference theme

IAM 2017 Communications Conference

“We do a lot of good work in a silo and nobody knows about it and we have to change that,” said IAM Canadian GVP Stan Pickthall in his address to the 2017 IAM Communications Conference in Austin, Texas. “We can do that through social media but the spoken word through face-to-face contact has proven successful in Canada and that’s expanding with every plant visit I make.”      

Texas AFL-CIO defeats anti-union senate bills

       Austin, TEX – Texas has long been known as ground zero of the anti-union movement in the United States and two recent senate bills display just how low republican dominated states are willing to go to eliminate unions. In his address to the 2017 IAM Communications Conference delegates, Texas AFL-CIO President John Patrick described two particular nasty pieces of legislation aimed at eliminating unions. “In Texas, the

Site visit roadshow travels to Quebec

Montréal, QC – Canadian GVP Stan Pickthall continued his mission to meet face to face with as many members as possible this week by conducting workplace site visits in  the Montréal area. Accompanied by Chief of Staff Gord Falconer, and IAM Québec coordinator David Chartrand and IAM Aerospace Coordinator Gerald Tremblay, GVP Pickthall will spend the week touring manufacturing facilities represented by the IAM. He will meet not only with

Fair Trade versus Free Trade: an Update on Free Trade Agreements

By Aurélie Sarrabezolles, Research Director We thought the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) had been withdrawn, since the U.S., following the presidential election, decided to walk away from it. This is no longer the case. Canada, Japan, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, Chile, Peru, Brunei, Malaysia, Singapore and Vietnam are the countries still negotiating this harmful deal. Japan is the biggest player and has decided to go ahead without the U.S. As for

Tug of War between the House and the Senate continues over Bill C-4

Ottawa, ON – On May 5th, the House of Commons considered the Senate amended Bill C-4. This       Bill was introduced in the House to repeal the shameful Conservative government Bills C-377 and C-525. When this Bill went to the Senate for deliberation and approval, the unelected Senators found it necessary to flex some muscle and proceeded to negatively amend the House Bill by including some of the ill-conceived previous Conservative

The fight for 15 gains ground and the new CLC executive is elected by electronic vote!

Toronto, ON – There were many highlights at the 28th Canadian Labour Congress held in Toronto May 8-12th but two really stood out. More than 3,000 delegates took the message of the need for a $15.00 minimum wage to the financial district of Toronto on Thursday May 11th. It was a two pronged march through the streets of Toronto at noon hour culminating with a massive block party in front

CLC goes electronic to vote in new executive!

Toronto, ON – The fourth day of the 28th Canadian Labour Congress here was highlighted on two fronts. More than 3,000 delegates took the message of the need for a $15.00 minimum wage to the financial district of Toronto with a noon hour march and block party. That was followed by the election of new executive officers and the voting was done electronically. Each delegate was given an electronic voting

CLC Convention - Day 4

Toronto, ON – The 28th Constitutional Convention of the CLC is meeting in Toronto May 8-12th. The IAM has 65 delegates from across the country attending who will introduce no fewer than 17 resolutions on matters such as airport privatization, contract flipping, pay equity, health and safety, workers’ rights and free trade agreements.