Aeroguard Bargaining Committee

Aeroguard Bargaining Committee

Front row left to right: Ron Fontaine-GLR, Derek Rose, Rene Chand, Clement Nunes
Middle Row: Tanya Canniff –District 140 GC Western Region, Chris Thompson, Bong Regualos
Back Row Bob Mosley, Philip Kim, Marc Wong, Rick Singh

The newly elected IAM Negotiating Committee representing employees of Aeroguard at the Vancouver International Airport held their negotiation preparation training classes during the week of May 22-28 at the W 3 Training Center. 

GLR Ron Fontaine said, “Our members working at Aeroguard/CATSA will be the beneficiaries of the in depth training that this committee went through during the week.  I don’t think the committee realized how many working hours they had to put in during the week, but they are now much better prepared today to face the enormous task and responsibility they have in negotiating a collective agreement that ensure a higher standard of living for all Screening Officers within our industry”. 

He said, “With the leadership of GC Tania Canniff and the work ethic of this group, we should be in good shape to deal with the hurdles that must be faced in the next round of bargaining.  They know their memberships needs, and they are determined to put a plan in place that will achieve these goals”.

“The committee knows that in order to have the ability to strengthen the members influence in workplace design and conditions, improve and enforce the collective agreement, and to hold Aeroguard/CATSA accountable to the membership there must be solidarity within the bargaining unit.  By working together the members have a much better chance of reaching a fair and deserving improvement in their working lives.  They must stay united”, said Fontaine.