January 5, 2022

Our common security

As a new year begins, the eyes of the world are rightly focused on the twin threats of the COVID-19 pandemic and accelerating climate change. A similar level of attention is required to the threats to peace on virtually every continent. People in many parts of the world are living in conflict or are on the brink. Autocrats, populists and warlords are facing off across borders and oceans. Expenditure on

IAM members working through challenging conditions

This week, IAM members at airports in the prairies have dealt with challenging working conditions as temperatures have reached lows into the mid -30s Celsius. “Our members have done a great job, working under extreme conditions, to get the travelling public to their destinations safely. Daily lows in Calgary, Edmonton and Winnipeg today are -31c, -33c and -27c” said Kevin Timms, General Chairperson District Lodge 140. IAM members working at