March 23, 2021

IAM A Delegate to the United Nations Conference on the Status of Women

By Ivana Saula, Research Director and Women and Human Rights Representative “Diversity is our Strength, Solidarity Is Our Power” Duygu Brauer, DaMigra The IAM is proud to be a delegate to Canada’s delegation, with two representatives in attendance; Tania Canniff General Chair Person, District Lodge 140 and myself. Despite the pandemic, the United Nations (UN) Conference on the Status of Women went full steam ahead, with delegates from around the

IWD 2021 Mary Shadd Cary (1823–1893)

First black woman newspaper editor in North America. Mary Ann Shadd was a tireless advocate for universal education, black emancipation, and women’s rights. Born in Delaware, Shadd moved to Windsor in Canada West (now Ontario) to teach in 1851. She soon founded the Provincial Freeman, which was dedicated to abolitionism, temperance, and women’s political rights. During the American Civil War, she went back to the United States as a recruiter of