March 19, 2021

IAM Local 2332 in The Soo ratify agreement at Superior Nissan

The 21 members of Superior Nissan ratified a new agreement today. Highlights are wage adjustments, annual increases, annual pension increases, lower benefit premiums, layoff language and improved vacation. The members collectively work at Superior Nissan, Superior Custom Detailing and Superior Used Cars in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario. This is their second collective agreement. GLR Jackson, who helped with the negotiations said, “This was their second agreement and they wanted to

IWD 2021 - Hodan Nalayeh- Somalia-Canada

Although IWD is celebrated on March 8th, there are so many women whose work has improved numerous lives throughout the world, some of who are our very own, within the IAM. Throughout the month of March we will feature women from different parts of the world and historical eras to remind us that the women’s movement indeed has deep and long roots. Follow us as we learn together about women