February 9, 2021

VIOLA DESMOND - Black History Month Posters from IAM Local 2323

In celebration of Black History Month, the Young Machinists at Local 2323 have released a series of six posters – and they’re all focused on black women. Young Machinists from 2323 designed the posters, and one of the members, Shryl Ramsarran did the artwork herself. IAM Canada is proud to be part of the unveiling of the posters. Over the month of February, we will post a new one on

IAM to Minister: Comprehensive Aviation Policy Needed Now!

February 08, 2021 Earlier today the IAMAW met with Federal Transport Minister Omar Alghabra to discuss the future of Canada’s air transportation, and aviation sectors. Canadian General Vice-President Stan Pickthall voiced once again the need for a comprehensive sound policy to ensure the long-term viability of Canadian air carriers, both large and regional. Pickthall said: “Workers need support. Many of our members and other workers across the aviation sector have